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10 Things to Absolutely Know While Traveling to Japan!

Date 30 Sep 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

Travel to Japan

In Japan, for most things there a right and a wrong way to go about things, however, being a clueless foreigner can get you off the hook easily.

Top 10 Tips to Remember While Traveling To Japan.

1. Don’t tip:

Japan is probably one of the very few nations that hold a no-tip policy. Hence any gratuitous tip is declined and id often regarded as forgotten money at restaurants and hotels.

2. Subway as your go to transport:

transport in japan
Japan is one of those advanced cities that make much pride in its efficient and far off well connected subway system. Believe it or not the subways is cheaper and faster than taxis and other public transport. The good news however is that most signs are in English so getting lost would be unlikely, however if you still manage to do so, the locals are forever happy to help.

3. Clip joints are a NO!:

These joints are open to tipping and contrast the common no tipping policy and are located in Tokyo, Ginza etc among other cities. Do not enter these if you don’t have your pocket to support you.

4. There isn’t a need to bow:

Don't Bow in Japan
Although bowing is a common practice in Japan, it is mostly between business travelers, however people on vacation need not do so. You might come across ticket inspectors bowing before moving on to the next carriage, this is also come across at hotel lobbies by the staff but again to reciprocate is not necessary.

5. Take Side Trips:

Explore while you are out there. Like Kyoto itineraries. Outdoor sports such as skiers from all over the world adore the Hokkaido along with sub tropical Okinawa. Southern Japan is also well known for its side trips.

6. Museums:

Traveling to Japan
There are a number of museums that show case the shogun history. All art exhibits traditional work, from well known artists as well as local art. There are specific museums that showcase war swords along with calligraphy, kimonos, along with antique and unique comic book called the manga.

7. Say yes to vending machines:

Vending machines are hardly ever out of order so use them to your advantage. Not only limited to hot and cold beverages they also provide hot soups along with ice cold beers!

8. Where to sleep:

Traditional local Inns are more often than not more expensive or equally expensive than 5 start hotels, so be sure before you choose a place. The same is the case for Temple stays.

9. Order to eat, not to waste:

Food in japan
Japanese food comes in big portions. For instance, their main course comes with soup and other side dishes. So be careful not to order too much.

10. Environment friendly:

Want to kill time or just relax and enjoy nature and its greenery? Local parks are the way to go about it. Japan is known for its ikebana and immaculately manicured garden and parks.

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