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3 Mind Blowing Adventurous Trips Of 2016

Date 7 Mar 2016 | Posted by Linda Paul

Adventurous Trips Of 2016

Life is too short to delay any of your grand plans. Often, we take a lifetime to build the courage for adventurous trips. Not everyone has the nerve to face their fears and experience the most thrilling journeys of their life. It’s indeed a very rewarding experience, but requires you to let go of all your comfort zones and plunge into the world of unknown.

If you’re overwhelmed of where to go for your upcoming vacation, here are some amazing adventurous trips you may wish to take this year that can turn out to be life changing for you!

1. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka has lately turned out to be a rising star for being one of the hottest travel destinations. Tourists around the world have started to love it for various reasons. When it comes to endless adventures, Sri Lanka would delight your cravings!

Being a great destination for even the most budgeted traveler, there’s a lot you can do here. A surfer’s paradise, Arugambay Beach is arguable one of the finest places to be. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, surfing is a must while you’re there. Sri Lanka also beats many popular destinations when it comes to scuba diving. Lipton Seat, Adams Peak and Hortain Plains are the ideal nature breaks for adventurers. Hiking and trekking are the most popular adventurous activities here. The National Parks of Sri Lanka are picturesque and experiencing it to a jeep safari is truly heavenly.

2. Italy

Italy is unique and truly tremendous. One of the reasons it is one of the most visited destinations is that it suites all kinds of travelers. For taking adventurous trips, there is nothing better than traveling to Italy. If you wish to make adventures your best friend, make your way to the mind blowing Dolomites. These dramatic peaks are ideal whether you wish to hike or ski. It serves perfect for all the adventures you could ever desire for.

Puglia is another fascinating destination in Italy that is perfect for camping. Italy is an expensive destination and camping is a great idea for budgeted travelers. From the picturesque sea to the lush forests, it’s the perfect nature break for the adventurers.

Le Marche is the place you need to make your way to for cave exploring. A dreamy destination for outdoor enthusiasts, you get to tour the world’s most interesting caves while you’re there.

3. Turkey

Adventurous Trips
No list of top destinations is complete without Turkey. Being one of the most diverse destinations for tourism, there’s so much to see and do here. For an adventurous break, Turkey serves just perfect.

You may begin your adventures with the mysterious Cappadocia. Having one of the most interesting landscapes, exploring it on a horseback is a wonderful experience.

Kas is an amazing diving spot in Turkey. The water in Kas is not only famous for its clarity, but also because it is home to the most adventurous activities. Head to the Lake District for a unique mountain biking ride. Mugla is that awesome travel destination that will help you to explore your adventurous side!

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