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Plan Your 40th Anniversary Trip In Turkey

Date 18 Nov 2014 | Posted by Linda Paul

Anniversary Trip

One of the biggest challenges when booking a holiday, especially in a new city or country is hotel reservations. There are so many to choose from and personally I just get confused about which to choose. I once made a mistake of booking a hotel in India, which was pretty expensive compared to some of the others I’d seen online. Despite the extra money that I ended up spending I was so unhappy with my stay there.

A good hotel either breaks or makes your holiday. It is the place you’ll call home while staying in a new place. When it comes to hotel luxury shouldn’t be high on the list as comfort. Luxury comes at luxurious price, but comfort can be obtained at a good deal. After that one terrible experience in Chandigarh, India I decided to take my time before making a hotel reservation.

My aunt and uncle had their 40th anniversary two months ago and they have decided 40th Anniversary Trip To Turkey. They were so excited about their trip. Their son made a hotel reservation online for them. I was skeptical about the hotel and feared that my aunt and uncle were going to go through the same thing I did. To my surprise they couldn’t stop gushing about their wonderful stay in their wonderful hotel.

The hotel had provided both breakfast and dinner in their package as well as a guide. My aunt and uncle said they would enjoy lunch at a cafe and have a hearty meal at their hotel before going to bed. It was very convenient for them because they would get tired after a long day of sightseeing. The hotel was also centrally located which made it ideal for them to walk about the city. They would walk to their destination and would take a taxi back to their hotel.

I asked my cousin what his secret weapon was for getting his parents such a good deal at such an affordable price. He relies on securing good deals online. He trusts only one website, Fareoair.com. According to him they always have the best deals. All one has to do is fill up a form and the website provides a list of the best known hotels in the area. You can choose the price range that is within your budget and they’ll match a hotel according to your budget. They make sure to list quality hotels, no matter what price that is entered.

Turkish Tea
Judging from the countless pictures that I was forced to go through with my aunt I could tell that they had had a wonderful time. She loved the baklava and the Turkish Tea. They were entranced by the enchanting history and beauty that was everywhere. The guide which the hotel had provided was well read and knew detailed history on all the historical places. My Uncle is a huge history buff and his favorite part was exploring all the old architecture. Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, Turkey was his absolute favorite. I could tell that their much awaited second honeymoon has pretty much been perfect.

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