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5 Furtive Methods To Breeze Through Airport Security

Date 21 Apr 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

Airport Security

The process of maneuvering through the airport is still considered by many people as one of the most dreaded processes of traveling. You have to wait in long security check lines, the customer service and atmosphere is pretty dull most of the times. But savvy and smart travelers know exactly how to move through the airport security quickly and easily. Follow the advices given below and next time you can make it easily through the airport.

Check-In Online

Airport Security
Do you own a smart phone? I’m pretty sure you do. If you own one and you don’t use it to check-in online then you are doing everything wrong. You can check-in online through your phone and you can even get your boarding passes on your phone and get a print of them. So when you visit the airport, all you need to do is get the bags scanned by the airport security agents and you can go directly to the lounge after your luggage gets checked in. Seriously if you didn’t know about this method already, then it’s your bad luck but now since you do, things will be much easier than before.

Get Pre Selected

Get Pre Selected
Have you seen those VIP passengers at the airport effortlessly going through the airport security? Well they are lucky because of the TSA Pre Screening, a well-known program among several VIP benefits and are now being offered to the Oribtz Rewards Platinum members –for free. There are many benefits of this program like the passengers who are part of this program don’t have to wait in long security lines, they don’t have to remove laptops or shoes and they are easily directed towards the waiting lounge without any hassle.

Notice The 3-1-1 Rule

3-1-1 Rule
If you are like us savvy travelers, then you definitely would be carrying your toiletries with you, but you wouldn’t want the TSA agent to scrutinize your personal items. If you don’t want the agents running through your bag then follow the 3-1-1 rule that is all liquids, gels and lotions etc. should not be more than 3.4 ounces and must be in a 1 quarter sized container and the containers should be clear and further packed in a plastic zip lock bag.

Dress Wisely

Dress Wisely
Foolish are those passengers who decide to wear their new shoes on travel day. We all know new shoes bite at times and that can be pretty irritating. So why put yourself in misery, right? The best way to dress for easy airport security maneuvering is by wearing shoes that are easy to slip on and off and are without buckles or laces (but avoid flip-flops. They are not the right kind of footwear for the airport). For apparel you need to wear easy to take off and on clothes like coats and hoodies with zippers. Avoid wearing belts and jewelry.

Have Your Passport And Important Documents Ready

Important Documents
Okay let me share an embarrassing moment with you. I have been literally shouted at by the TSA agents who caught me rummaging through my bag in search of my identity card while there was a long line of impatient passengers behind me. Avoid this kind of situation by either ripping of your wallet which I guess you won’t do. So invest in a wallet which is big enough to hold all the cash, credit cards and identity card.

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