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5 Good Reasons Why You Should Travel to Antwerp

Date 2 Dec 2014 | Posted by Linda Paul

Travel to Antwerp

Antwerp is not only the capital city of Belgium in fact; it is also the biggest port in Belgium. This Dutch speaking country is absolute paradise for style moguls, art lovers, club queens and diamond mongers.
During mid-16th Century Antwerp was among the Europe’s most vital cities. It was home to the famous, extravagant luminary artist Pieter Paul Rubens. Even though this city faced many historical disasters and severs bombings during World War II, the city still maintains a fascinating medieval hearth with small lanes filled with coffee shops, a fortress by the riverside and an amazingly impressive cathedral.
Since childhood, I have wanted to travel to Belgium and as I grew up my interest towards this fascinating country developed more. As this year is about to end, I decided to travel to Antwerp as the last destination for visiting this year.
Though in this city Dutch is spoken as the native language, I still got to hear other languages as well like English, French and German, so I found Antwerp an exceptionally traveler friendly destination. As I started my research on travel to Antwerp I discovered this city is not so big, so I jotted down the names of places I planned to visit. Below are the names and brief descriptions of the places I visited in Antwerp.

Museum Plantin Moretus

Museum Plantin Moretus
When I found out that this museum has been given the title of UNESCO World Heritage, it seemed a little odd to me, until when I saw it in real with my own eyes. This museum is absolutely fabulous and is home to the world’s first industrial photogravure works, since 1876 it has been a museum. The medieval structure of this building and the courtyard garden of 1822is worth visiting. My first travel to Antwerp was totally worth it after I saw this place.

Het Vermoeide Model

Het Vermoeide Model
This amazing restaurant was a delight to visit; it had a medieval house restaurant kind of atmosphere. The room was made of exposed brick-work and the live music of piano just made the atmosphere more pleasant. When I visited this restaurant I also discovered a vertical squeaky staircase which leads towards a small roof terrace for which you need to make a reservation during summer season. The menu had the pure European food from steaks, ribs to stew and seasonal mussels; every cuisine they prepared had a mouthwatering aroma.

Chocolate Line Shop In Grand Meir Palace

Chocoate Line Shop In Gand Meir Palace Belgium
I have to admit, I’m a fool for chocolates. Well, who isn’t? The Chocolate Line Shop in Grand Mier Palace is a paradise for chocolate lovers; this Palace was once owned by Napoleon and the Belgian Royal family. Here you can taste some of the finest chocolates of Belgium – you can buy a variety of handmade chocolate. I bought cannabis, mint and cigar-flavored chocolate squares. Delicious!

Antwerpen-Centraal Railway Station

Travel to Antwerp
The Antwerpen-Centraal has been titled as the most beautiful railway stations in the world. Actually, this amazing railway station is among the top three most beautiful railway stations in the world and indeed it is. I don’t like to travel in trains much, but I did spend some quality time at this railway station just doing sightseeing and taking pictures.

Hoge Raad Voor Diamant

Hoge Raad Voor Diamant
Well, if you are jewelry lover like I am then you need to wander around Pelikaanstraat, Hoveniersstraat or Vestingstraat where you will get have a glimpse at all the real gold and diamond jewelry being traded. These streets are not like normal streets, they have top level security since they are home to many important banks. So be careful not to look suspicious to the security guards.
So here are my five good reasons why you should also travel to Antwerp, if you are wondering where I booked my tickets from then FareoAir is the answer to your thoughts. I booked my flight to Antwerp with FareoAir at a very reasonable price, so give it a try and enjoy your trip.

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