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5 Important Steps For Booking Premium Economy Seat

Date 15 Mar 2016 | Posted by Linda Paul

Premium Economy Seat

Booking premium economy seat is the ultimate solution to have a good flight. Surviving an international flight in confined space and miserable services is no less than a torture. Unfortunately, many economy classes give you that taste. Since booking the premium seats is seldom easy, frugal travelers often suffer when it comes to flying. Maintaining a balance between their budget and comforts is an endless struggle.

Luckily, premium economy solves the misery for budgeted travelers. Compared to the standard economy, it can offer approximately 5-7 inches of extra legroom and some other attractive benefits.

Booking premium economy sensibly is a practice that travelers must learn for making huge savings. Here are some tips to guide your booking process.

1. The 24 Hour Rule

Booking Premium Economy Seat
Since most American airlines allow you to cancel within the 24 hours frame, it is best to make the best use of the situation. Once you’ve booked your premium economy seat, check again within 24 hours if the airfares have dropped. In case of a price drop, call the airline to cancel your booking.

2. Last Minute Trips

Last minute trips are seldom recommended because they don’t let you have a control over your plans. However, there is no harm in trying your luck if you can afford to be flexible.

Since airlines would not want to fly with empty premium economy seats, booking last minute can help you to grab attractive deals that you might have otherwise missed out.

3. Special Times

Special Times
You may have to try your luck when booking premium economy flights. As a general rule, there are some special times that apply when it comes to booking. Airlines mostly reveal their most special deals on Tuesday. If you wish to look for good fares, early morning is a good option. According to the experts, weekends are the worst time when it comes to booking budgeted tickets.

4. Redemption of Air Miles

Your frequent flyer account can yield you a lot of benefits that do not seem possible otherwise. Redemption of air miles is one of them. It is often very difficult to find options that would ideally put your air miles to a great use. Since it takes time to collect them, redeeming is the trickiest decision.

Luckily for the passengers, these air miles can be used to upgrade to the premium economy. On a long haul international flight, what could be better than to have a restful flight?

5. Use Multiple Sites

Use Multiple Sites

In today’s time, self-help is the new travel trend. Most of the travelers like to deal with the booking process on their own without asking for any help.

Online booking is great. But it isn’t as easy as it sounds. To yield optimum results, you must not rely on a single website. There are many booking platforms that would give you different results. Instead of being in a hurry to book, exploring your options is a must when it comes to grabbing the best premium economy seats.

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