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5 Tips to Support You In Saving Money While Traveling

Date 11 Jun 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

Saving Money While Traveling

The first time I planned my trip to London, I simply had no idea what to do and how to do it. The only concept of traveling in my mind was to utilize the days known as the “vacations”. I use to make my bookings directly without doing any research or finding cheaper and smarter techniques for saving money while traveling.

But when I planned my second trip to Dubai I did a lot of searching for, finding the best deals and packages before making my booking for Dubai. There were these things which I did and I thought of sharing them with you so that you can even spend less money on traveling.

Tips For Saving Money While Traveling


1. Fly Without Any Fees

Yes, you read it correctly, you can fly for free without paying any fare for the ticket all you need to do is use your racked miles and get a free ticket. There are a number of ways through which you can earn miles such as you can do shopping, dining or make hotel reservations through your credit card and earn miles.

2. Plan Your Trip When It’s An Off Season

If you live in the US then you must be aware that it’s really difficult to get a vacation. The only vacations we get are those which are the public holidays. This means that you get holidays like everyone else, so if you travel on the public holidays then you should know that all the prices go up the flights, hotels, car rental companies and everything related to traveling.

The best way to get a good deal on prices is by traveling off season. You should research on your destination and find out which months are the busiest months for traveling. You may perhaps have to miss the perfect weather and need to layer up some extra clothes, but at least you will be traveling in less busy time and save money.

3. Travel When It’s Cheap

Saving Money While Traveling
I’m sure you all are aware of the fact that many airline sites and third-booking sites, increase their flight rights when you are about to click on that “Submit” button on the payment information section. Airlines change their flight prices thrice a day. The best way to search for the best prices is by using the Kayak or Expedia flight comparison tools. With these tools you can look at the prices of different flights to the same destination and pick the best one for yourself according to date and time preferences.

4. Try The Correct Deal

At times it’s cheaper to book one trip ticket with everything included in it. So it’s always a good idea that you sign up for newsletters of airlines, hotels and other travel companies to catch the best deals. Mostly the newsletter will update you with travel packages which cost less; if you book everything separately it will cost you more.

5. Travel To A Destination Which Is Not So Expensive

Amsterdam? Paris? London? All these places are considered as expensive travel destinations, when you travel to bigger city’s chances are that you will be spending more money. Remember, you don’t only have to pay for the air expenditure you also have to pay for the food, ground transport, exchange rate and other activity charges. Traveling to countries like Hungary, Bulgaria, Thailand or Cambodia will cost you less and still you will get to experience an amazing time in the natural beauty of these destinations.

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