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5 Wise Ways To Save On Car Rental

Date 14 Jan 2016 | Posted by Linda Paul

Car Rental

If you truly want to enjoy your holiday and relive the great memories associated with it, you need to cut down your costs. Unfortunately, many travelers just pay attention to the airfares and hotels and ignore the costs of car rentals completely. Many of us think that these costs are more or less the same and don’t do their calculations beforehand. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways in which money can be saved on ground transportation.

The first think that you need to consider as a traveler is if you actually need a rental car. Of course, for many of us in today’s time, a car is a necessity. But once you travel to a developed city it would be a plus to explore its sophisticated transportation network. You may think you’ve more freedom when you rent a car. However, do not avoid significant factors such as high costs, parking hassles and the stresses of being stuck in a traffic jam. No matter what kind of rental requirements you have, you can always save on car rental.

What follows are some great tips for significantly lowering your car rental expenses.

1. Avoid the Airport

Airport rentals are mostly a rip off, and would be nearly impossible to keep your costs down if choose a rental car from the airport area. Although it is extremely convenient with the plenty of choices available, the cost of that convenience is a bit too high! If you can manage to walk a mile further or opt for the public transportation to reach away from the airport, you have the chances of saving big on car rental!

2. Never Pick Up The Famous Brands

save on car rental
Mainstream agencies are doing a great job in finding you a rental car. However, they charge way too high. The same service can be booked through the less known car rental agencies. It could be a company you’ve never even heard of before. The next time you consider renting a car, ditch big names such as Avis and Hertz and opt for less known companies such as Fox Rent a Car. They are doing an equally good job, at a far lesser costs.

3. Virtual Discounts

Who doesn’t love the virtual world? It gets even better when you can access discounts and coupons through some amazing website. You can even type the name of the car rental company and coupon code in a search engine to get familiar with the latest offers provided by the companies. These rental companies are often very generous in offering rewards to frequent fliers as well as the organizations they are affiliated with. The bigger car rental companies allow you to combine the discounts as well as the coupon codes which lower the overall price a great deal!

4. Make A Reservation For A Longer Time

Make a reservation for a longer time
Even longer than what you might think. You need to learn to play around with the rental dates. This is because weeklong rates are mostly cheaper than the weekend rates. Even if you don’t end up using it for the entire time that you booked, you can till save on car rental. Weekend and peak day rates might be for a little period of time, but they’re still very costly.

5. Bundling Up

Bulks help you to save everywhere. It would be ideal if you can bundle up all the major costs of traveling and book them through the same platform. This brings down the overall costs significantly. The next time you are considering saving on car rentals, booking the flight, hotel and rental car through the same platform. This also keeps you away from a lot of travel hassles along with being cost effective.

Instead of spending a fortune here, save on car rental and put that extra bit of money to a great use!

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