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6 Easy Ways To Find Cheap Flights To Paris

Date 23 Jan 2017 | Posted by Linda Paul

Cheap Flights To Paris

Home to the iconic Eiffel Tower, Paris continues to be a top tourist destination in not only France but the entire world. It is the hub of fashion, business, trade and tourism. The massive city features many great places such as the symbolic Louvre museum, the stunning Notre de Dame Paris cathedral, the beautiful Jardin du Luxembourg and the vibrant Champs-Élysées that is popular all over the world for its shopping.

Since Paris has all the ingredients that tourists look for, it welcomes millions of visitors every year. The city is a bit on the expensive side though. So to make the trip a possibility, we have compiled for you some easy and handy ways through which you can find cheap flights to Paris.

1. Avoid The Peak Season:

Like we mentioned before, Paris is the heart of France and a major tourist destination so it is natural that the peak season sees huge crowds. The months of June, July and August i-e the summer season is the peak season in Paris. If you wish to explore the exotic city on a limited budget, you can travel during the off-season that lasts from January to March. Even November is considered an ideal month in terms of airfare.

2. Use The Right Search Engine:

Use The Right Search Engine

This may come as a surprise for many but what search engine you use to find flights matters a lot. As per expert travelers, Skyscanner, Momondo, JetRadar and google flights are excellent choices.

3. Opt For A Layover Flight:

If you get an indirect flight that stops at either one destination or more than one destination, the airfare would be quite lower. A layover does mean more hassle and fatigue but hey if it means an affordable ticket to Paris, go for it!

4. Fly With A Budget Airline:

Cheap Flight To Paris

Some airlines offer cheap flights by default. Usually these airlines are not too popular and hence they are trying to attract customers with their prices. Even though most of these budget airlines are not that fancy with elaborate amenities and services, they are good enough considering the price you have paid.

5. Join A Frequent Flyer Program:

Frequent Flyer Program

When all else fails, airline miles come to the rescue. They are every traveler’s safe refuge so yes joining an airline’s frequent flyer program is highly recommended. Earning miles is easy and there are multiple ways to do it but more about that later. Being part of a frequent flyer program means that you can bag cheap flights to Paris depending on the number of miles you have gathered.

6. Discounted Deals And Rewards:

Being vigilant is always rewarding. Airlines and air travel businesses offer discounted deals and offers from time to time. These are of course limited time offers that will sell fast so it is very important that you know about the deal as soon as it launched. Signing up for airline mails and liking social media accounts is always a good idea.

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