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7 Awesome Things To Do In Tel Aviv Which Will Make Your Stay There A One To Remember

Date 19 Apr 2017 | Posted by Linda Paul

7 awesome things to do in Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is a city which has landed itself a spot in the coveted top 7 travel destinations list. It has evolved into a traditional and technological center of present day Israel. It’s a breath of fresh air because it separates itself from Israel’s historical and religious side. Surprisingly, it is a very modern, progressive city which boasts a dynamic art scene, trendy clubs, successful tech startups and lively LGBT community. It’s a blend of all the most popular cities of the world including New York, Berlin and Los Angeles. To top it off the city has incredible beaches which makes it ideal as a holiday destination. Who doesn’t love a good seaside holiday?
Below are 7 awesome things to do in Tel Aviv, Israel that will make your holiday extra special.

1. Sarona Market

Sarona Market

Even though this is not a “traditional” market, it should still be on your radar if you ever choose to visit Tel Aviv. A new compound was recently added to it, which means even more stores have been added. The market is a great place for shopping for both big designer brands and popular high street brands as well. It is also very popular amongst the youth because it is situated in the middle of the city and is a host to a number of trendy cafés. We highly recommend that you have either lunch or brunch at the market. You won’t be disappointed.

2. Jaffa


Even though it is a modern history, like most of Israel it does have a huge amount of history. If you’re interested in the historical aspect of the city then you should definitely visit Jaffa. This is the original ancient port city Tel Aviv has expanded from. What makes it even more exciting is that it is one of the oldest port cities in the world. It is widely believed that this is the original place where Jonah left before he was swallowed by a whale.

3. Walking Tours

Tel Aviv

Walking tours are popular in every major city and Tel Aviv is no exception. You can find numerous walking tours that take you to all the prominent parts of the cities. On the weekends you’ll find these walking tours hosting a photo walk as well.

4. Independence Hall Museum

Independence Hall Museum

This is great for anyone who would like to learn more about the rich history of Israel. This used to be the home of the first mayor and it was later turned into the museum. There are a lot of audio visual presentations, original artwork and replicas.

5. Browse Shuks


Shuks, is Hebrew for markets, and Tel Aviv is filled with them. The most popular one amongst tourists is Shuk Hacarmel. These markets boast number of traditional shops and stalls which sell traditional and homemade goods. There are food stalls selling local cuisine at an affordable price.

6. Art Galleries

Art Galleries

The city’s art scene has exploded in the last decade or so. There are tons of local art galleries that showcase the beautiful work of their local artists. If you’re under 18, you can enter the galleries for free. They often have showcases which display works of international artists as well.

7. Tayelet


Tayelet’s literal meaning is Promenade and is probably the first image that pops up when one thinks of Tel Aviv. It’s a beautiful place for an evening stroll with a loved one. There are beautiful beaches on one side and trendy cafes on the other. This is probably the place tourists find themselves going to at least 3 to 4 times because of its beauty and the beach.

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