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7 Best Habits To Adapt For Traveling Cheaply

Date 25 Dec 2014 | Posted by Linda Paul

Traveling Cheaply

Being a travel enthusiast people always ask me, how I save money being a frequent traveler. Well, for quite a long time I have been planning to tell everyone the secret tip I have been following which allows me to travel anywhere I like while I can also save money. Here are the ten best habits you should adapt for traveling cheaply.

1. Travel On Budget Airlines –

Travel On Budget Airlines
When I travelled to Southeast Asia, Air Asia, Tiger and Jet star were offering extremely cheap airfares; I took a flight from Phuket to Bali in just $70. I can’t tell you how happy I was with this airfare, but the phrase “you get what you pay for” really applies to this, the services were average but at least it got me where I wanted to go.

2.FareoAir and Tripadvisor–

You can book your hotel from FareoAir after reading its review from tripadvisor.com, this website is very good if you are trying a hotel for the first time, you can get some good advice from this website.

3.Get Some Exercise–

Get Some Exercise
Since walking is free and is good for health, I suggest that when you go to visit some exotic destination, check out its natural beauty go for a hike. Walk in certain places that are near your hotel, don’t take a cab or bus as you won’t be able to get familiar with the surroundings.

4.Do Some Research –

Do Some Research
When you are traveling abroad, I suggest that you do some research and check that whether there are any free festivals or free museums in the country of your visit. Like the last time I traveled to New Zealand they have this amazing museum, Te Papa museum in Wellington which is free. Just search how far your hotel is from the airport and the other places and then Google how much a cab ride to that place will cost you and how much a bus ride will cost.

5.Don’t Check Luggage –

Don Check Luggage
This is extremely important, first because you will save hundreds of dollars. If you are travelling alone pack accordingly and sufficiently enough don’t bring extra luggage with you as you will be charged extra for it like around $25 to $30. Before doing your packing make a checklist to see that you have added all the essential items.

6. Work While You Are Abroad –

Work While You Are Abroad
I know working when travelling abroad is the most annoying thing, but consider it the other way round if you work for some hours while you are travelling then you can make some good cash. For example, when I was visiting Southeast Asia I worked as a freelance writer and even did a job at a café, this way you can meet people to get an idea of the culture and even get some money.

7.Eat The Local Food –

Eat The Local Food
When you are visiting any foreign country my honest suggestion is that you should eat the local food. Eating at places which are dodgy looking offers authentic local food which is cheap and is also delicious in taste. On my trip to India I had their local dishes tried and found them very interesting.

With these interesting traveling cheaply, tips you can enjoy any destination of the world in a budget friendly manner.

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