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7 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Ecuador Soon

Date 29 Mar 2016 | Posted by Linda Paul

visit Ecuador

If you’re planning a break, you must visit Ecuador soon. One of the smallest countries in South America is guaranteed to appeal you a great deal. Ecuador is bordered by Peru, Pacific Ocean and Colombia. Its humble size often makes tourists underestimate the potential it has for tourism.

Don’t be fooled by it. Ecuador is one of the most perfect travel destinations with plenty to see and do. Its unparalleled beauty and endless adventures makes it an ideal travel destination.

If you’re still not sure about heading there, here are some convincing reasons to visit Ecuador.

1. Weather


When selecting travel destinations, most of us revolve our decision around the weather conditions. For travelers residing in painfully colder regions, this always turns out to be the top priority.

You wouldn’t have to worry about it on your trip to Ecuador. Because the country sits on equator, travelers enjoy the privilege of good weather all year round. Surprisingly, no matter what time of the year you make your way there, some part of the country will still be celebrating spring.

2. Beaches


Even if nothing else, the beach-break is the recipe of a perfect holiday. Ecuador lets you enjoy this through the pristine beaches. The vast coastal line that extends over 530 miles is appealing to anyone who wishes to have an amazing holiday.

The Galapagos Islands and Salinas are the perfect places to be. The beauty of these islands are matchless and often plenty of adventures.

3. Currency


Ask the foreign travelers about their worries and they would tell you how they always struggle with currency exchange. You wouldn’t have to face this misery in Ecuador because since 2000 the country has been using U.S. dollars.

4. Visit Ecuador for Endless Adventures

Visit Ecuador

Arguably, Ecuador is ideal destination for the backpackers who want to enjoy limitless adventures on their trips. The different regions of the country have an extremely diverse landscape that makes it perfect ground for experiencing the thrills.

Apart from the beach adventures, there is so much you can enjoy in Ecuador. Hiking, horse riding and kayaking are some of the endless adventures you can enjoy in Ecuador.

5. Food


You can’t make the mistake of missing out the divine-like Ecuador cuisine. Even the simplest meals are diverse and extremely rich in taste. As you tour the different landscapes of the country, you’ll come across delicious cuisines that would delight your taste buds.

6. Culture


Exploring the culture of Ecuador is a must. Everywhere you visit, you’ll explore a complete diversity in the culture. It’s amusing to city how the locals live in the cities and the towns. One of the best reasons for touring Ecuador is the extremely friendly locals. Ecuador’s museums, theatres, markets and festivals are through which you can explore the captivating culture of the country.

7. Budget Friendly

Budget Friendly

For frugal travelers, all the budgeted friendly destinations work out to be a great treat. Ecuador is one of those destinations that would ideally fit in your limited budget. The traditional food in the country is economical, with no compromise over the tastes. Since the distances in the country are not very long, traveling is not so expensive. Even when you take the internal flights, they don’t cost much.

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