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A Guide To Amazingly Planning Your First Solo Trip

Date 18 Feb 2016 | Posted by Linda Paul

Solo Trip

Your first solo trip can conjure up a lot of horrendous thoughts and feelings, compelling you to drop your plans until the next time. But the next time isn’t guaranteed to come and it’s unwise to let opportunities slip away just like that.

Solo traveling is far easier than what you think of it. If you’ve taken forever to make plans just because of depending on someone’s availability, think otherwise for once. Traveling alone can help you to connect with the new destination in much more depth and explore the new side of you. It is also a great way of getting to know more people and making lifelong friends. Solo traveling works out amazingly for both the introverts and extroverts. It is surely an empowering experience.

Here’s how you can excel at planning your first solo trip!


1. Build Your Confidence

Build Your  Confidence Solo travel tip
Confidence building is the key. If you’re worked around that, you’re made a lot of preparations already. The perils of solo traveling are a truth you shouldn’t ignore, but overthinking and creating horrible scenarios makes it unnecessarily terrible. Many travelers fear about the dangers and landing in isolation. It might be daunting for many, but prepare your mind for the endless excitements that you’ll soon experience. The ‘You can do it’ mantra must be repeated often in your head!


2. Gel Well

One of the reasons solo travelers avoid taking a trip are the distasteful looks and a complete world of travel scams. You can potentially become a victim of these as a foreigner. The best way to avoid these and to enhance your experiences is to blend in with the locals, such that you no longer appear as a foreigner. This could be done by wearing the same clothes as the locals do and adopting some of their cultures. Learning the local language can also help you to adapt with the new environment easily.


3. Get to Know Your Destination

Get to Know Your Destination
Once you’re traveling with a group, just knowing where you’re heading towards might be enough. But this isn’t a wise option if you’re traveling alone. Because the risks involved are many and high, it is wise to carry an extensive search over your destination. Reading travel blogs can help you a great deal because they cover various aspects of traveling to a foreign land. Although the guidebooks tend to focus on the most famous attractions, you need to analyze beyond that. Getting to know the transportation facilities, safety issues and other tourist’s experiences can help you a great deal.


4. Inform Someone

Let’s admit this; the world has probably become scarier. If you’re taking up your first solo trip, it is advisable to inform someone about your plans before you leave. This someone should of course be the one you can easily trust. Leaving your itinerary and passport copy with them is also going to be helpful.

Every time you leave your hotel, make it a practice to let the staff know about your whereabouts and when you’re expecting yourself to get back.


5. Carry Only The Essentials

Carry Only The Essentials
Yes, we all have the tendency to over pack. Despite repeated reminders, over packing is an obsession for many. In order to avoid this situation, place out all your packing items before they land in your suitcase. Question the necessity of each one of these; you’re likely to leave many of them.

Pickpocketing is a practice taking place around the globe. The only way you can avoid this is to prepare yourself well. All the expensive gadgets must be carefully concealed at all times. It is also wise to put your valuables in different places. Most of all look after your passport more than anything!


6. Let Go On Your First Solo Trip!

The whole point of traveling to another world is discovering the unknown and letting go of yourself. It is one of the most rewarding experiences of life that not many people can enjoy truly. Once you’ve taken care of your safety and security, you must enjoy it to the fullest. Traveling solo is a great way to relax your mind. It helps you to explore the best of the destination and discover a newer side to yourself. Therefore, it is a must to relax your mind and awaken the adventurer in you!

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