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A Guide to Slate Islands

Date 7 Nov 2014 | Posted by Linda Paul


Many people coming to the Slate Islands for vacation would thoroughly enjoy it because it is a very beautiful group of islands located in the Canadian Ontario’s Lake Superior. It has two main islands, namely Patterson and Mortimer. The other five are small islands or aisles. A lot of people go there for sightseeing. The landscape is very rich with natural beauty and you can find mountains, forests, beaches and world famous lakes. It can take you many days to explore these islands. On these islands you will find many animals and plants which are also found in the Arctic. The tourist enjoys boating and kayaking around the sea cliffs which are quite a sight.

Clean Beaches

Clean Beaches
When you come to these islands you can get a chance to enjoy boating and kayaking in the crystal clear waters while looking at the forests and trees around. The beaches here are untouched and beautiful. You can even enjoy a swim while having the luxury that there is no sand over here. Due to the beaches being deserted the water is so clean that you can actually see the underwater view from above. The surroundings are made up of stones and pebbles. These pebbles are not hard but smooth and the traveler can lie down comfortably on them.


Sea Cliffs
It is a great experience to see the high cliffs on the Slate Islands. The Patterson Island coast is a unique adventure place and worth exploring. When travelers are kayaking in the lake or standing on the cliffs they have an unusual view of the lake and there is water everywhere. Apart from all those rare birds like the Bald Eagle can be spotted on these cliffs and their flight can be admired.

Rare Animals

Rare Animals
There are a number of rare local animals found on these islands. One such animal is the Woodland Caribou. You are likely to find many Caribou here and even bump into them.
There is also the rodent, known as the Snowshoe Hare, in these parts. It is a very cuddly animal and is friendly also.


One surprising feature of this place is that you can find Arctic plants in this region. Due to the lake being very cold, only those plants can grow and survive which are found in extreme cold regions. So Slate Islands have Arctic plants due to their location in this cold lake.


Although lighthouses are no longer in use, but still they can be seen on the coasts of these islands. Some are still operational and are solar driven. Canada has many lighthouses, but due to advancement in technology, are not used and have become obsolete. Sunday Point is a very important tourist attraction and it can be reached by going to the outer coast. The lighthouses have an important historical and heritage related role and cannot be ignored. Also, their presence is iconic and symbolic.Patterson Island has the highest lighthouse, in these islands and also on Lake Superior.

In short, these islands are a wonder of Lake Superior, and travelers would not forget it.

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