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A Survival Guide: Being Stuck On A Middle Seat In A Plane

Date 24 Mar 2016 | Posted by Linda Paul

middle seat

Not that middle seat in a plane, again!

When it comes to plane journey, a lot of us suffer from the middle seat phobia. High up in the skies, already you feel so confined inside a metal tube. Middle seat makes things worse. Giving the feeling of purgatory, middle seat phobia can be extremely difficult to tackle. For a long haul flight, it becomes even more nightmarish.

To make things less awful for you, here’s a guide for you to easily survive middle seat in a plane.

1. Request To Be Re-Seated

Middle Seat In A Plane
Even when you’re stuck in a middle seat, you shouldn’t give up on your hopes. Even after the take-off, you can request the crew to be reseated. Depending upon the flight you’re traveling on, there might be some free seats in the plane that you might get shifted to.

However, it is important to be understanding that it may not be always possible. When the plane is full, ask for the possibility of switching with a fellow passenger. Who knows someone else might want to land in your seat?

2. Those Armrests Are Yours

Middle seats might not bring any pleasures, but claiming both the armrests can! According to the plain etiquettes, the armrests are technically meant to be yours. But since a lot of travelers don’t want to follow these etiquettes, it is best to claim them the earliest possible so that you can offer yourself some relaxation.

3. Keep Occupied In The Middle Seat In A Plane

Occupied In The Middle Seat
Sometimes despite your best efforts, you wouldn’t be able to escape the middle seat. The most obvious way to fight with this phobia is to keep yourself super busy. This turns out to be the most productive way of surviving the middle seat.

Whether it is about loading all the desired books in your Kindle or downloading the movies you’ve always desired to watch, it will help you to kill time in a happy way!

4. The Wonderful Tray Table

Even when you do all that you can, falling asleep can be the toughest in the middle seat. But on overnight flights, even taking a nap helps a great deal.

Instead of falling asleep on your neighbor’s shoulders, it is advisable to make use of the tray table. A rolled up jacket or a pillow is all you need before you rest your head on the tray table.

That does make a few passengers extremely uncomfortable. An alternative can be to invest in a good quality neck pillow.

5. Go To The Bathroom Before Take-Off

One passenger has the window, the other enjoys the aisle. While you rest in the middle seat, it can become extremely awkward to get up for bathroom breaks. To avoid putting yourself in a miserable position, go to the bathroom before the plane takes off.

If you don’t find that enough, look out for the opportunities when your neighbor decides to get up and stretch their legs.

6. Don’t Forget The Headphones

Don’t Forget The Headphones

Being surrounded by chatterboxes can be alright elsewhere, but not in a middle seat. This can really add up to your frustration on a long haul flight. Since you can seldom ask people to stop chattering, maybe you need to pull yourself out of this dilemma.

Invest in a great quality of headphones that you can use for the entire flight. Even when you don’t wish to converse with your seatmate, the headphones can keep you away without appearing rude or anti social.

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