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A Tourist’s Guide For Exploring Netherlands

Date 8 Dec 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul


Europe is the tourist’s heaven on Earth because you’d come across everything you’ve ever looked for. Every country of the continent is unique on its own. Among them is a special land which is technically below the sea level. Netherlands is an excellent tourist destination that is sandwiched between Germany and Belgium. Since there is a huge coastal line, you’ll come across wonderful beaches too! Tourists fall in love with the country for its unique landscape, cycling, lively café’s and amazing architecture.
If you plan on exploring Netherlands, we’ve the best options for you!

1. I Am Sterdam!

I am sterdam
No trip to a country can be truly complete without visiting its capital. Forget Venice, Amsterdam will delight you a great deal. Once in the city, you can’t help but explore the great canals everywhere. All the amazing attractions in Amsterdam can be toured through the boat rides. The city is home to some spectacular attractions. Take a trip to the wonderful museums; The Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank Museum and Van Gogh Museum are some of these. Tourists also love to stroll by the Port of Amsterdam and the beautiful churches in the city.

2. Take A Trip To Leiden

trip to Leiden
Upon hearing the name, you’re most certainly reminded of Netherland’s oldest university, Professor Einstein and Rembrandt. The city also stands out for its beautiful canals. There is no better place to travel back in time and observe the well preserved 17th century buildings all around Leiden. The best museums of the city are all at a walking distance from each other and it is a delight to explore them. Burcht van Leiden is a mind blowing castle built in the olden days and would leave you awestruck! You might have had the pleasure of visiting several botanical gardens, but Hortus Botanicus is one of a kind. The collection of unique flora and fauna in the university’s vicinity is what you must explore once in Leiden.

3. Awesome Cuisine

Netherlands Cuisine
You may have heard a lot about raw herring, but there’s so much more your taste buds need to get familiar with. The Dutch take their food extremely seriously and once you arrive, you’ll be amazed with the choices when exploring Netherlands. Forget about your conventional pancakes, taste the delicious Pannenkoeken . If you visit during the colder months, delight yourself with their special soup, Erwtensoep. The Dutch are also perfectionists when it comes to apple pies and doughnuts.

4. Memorable Experiences

exploring Netherlands
Apart from what you must see and eat Netherlands offers some amazing experiences that you’ll remember for a lifetime. Maastricht is where you’ll explore the 8000 man-made tunnels which were the ultimate hideout during the war times. A guided tour to the Zonneberg caves will take you back in time. Keukenhof Garden is that wonderful destination in Netherlands that welcomes millions of visitors every year. The unique collection of tulips and daffodils in the garden is breathtaking. It would be a delight to visit the City of Peace and Justice. Hague is home to the Peace Palace and explores the wonders of the city.

Exploring Netherlands would be the best experience a traveler could add to their travelogue!

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