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A Treat For Nature Lovers Through Amazing Outdoor Activities

Date 6 Jun 2016 | Posted by Linda Paul

nature lovers

What’s the most beautiful aspect of nature? You find it everywhere! Whether the destination you travel to is local or foreign, nature lovers will always find something compelling. If you are one, you just see the world entirely differently. Nothing touches your soul more closely than the pitter patter of rain drops and the dancing of the leaves. Even the minutest details can have a lasting effect.

If you are one of them, here are some of the most satisfying activities for you when you travel to a new destination!

1. Gardening


Would you rather have flowers in your garden than diamonds around your neck? Yes, you are truly a lover of the nature. It’s true for you if you prefer colorful flowers blooming in your garden instead of receiving pricey bouquets. The serene beauty of nature lies everywhere, and gardening is the perfect example of it. You really don’t have to travel beyond your backyard to experience the true joys of life. If your mobility is restricted for some reason or the other, gardening is the ideal outdoor activity and a superb nature break. One of the best things of gardening is that you don’t have to upset your budget and can always do it in your own capacity.

2. Nelipot


For all those who have experienced the joys of walking barefoot know that there is nothing better that connects you with the timeless amazements of nature. You might be surrounded by amazing vistas and still never do justice to them. There are little joys that only the nature lovers know best. Among these is to walk bare foot, whether they’re at the beach or elsewhere. It connects them better with Mother Nature and gets the true feel of the destination.

3. Gokotta


Gokotta, a Swedish word is derived from one of the most beautiful morning rituals. Nature lovers would do anything to do justice to the timeless beauty of a destination. Because they truly feel and appreciate the beauty of natural things around them, one of their favorite things to do is to get up early in the morning for a dawn picnic. Whether they wish to hear the birds sing to welcome a new day or walk around to feel the fresh breeze of a new day, it’s truly a treat for the eyes, ears and nose!

4. Hiking


One of the most common activities for every nature lover is hiking. If you really wish to enjoy a fulfilling dose of nature, a hike would totally do justice. Although it depends upon your skills, not all hikes require you to collect fancy gears and equipments. You can do it even by keeping it simple! Depending upon the trail you take, it can be both relaxing as well as completely exhaustive. It’s best to gradually build up your stamina and study the trails in detail before the journey begins; this makes it easy for you.

Hiking is the perfect dose for anyone who has a thirst for adventures!

5. Camping


Nearly everyone fits camping in their bucket list. After all, what could be a better than the thrills of camping? You can make your way to untamed wilderness and experience something completely exotic. It is also a great way to enjoy a budgeted break since backpacking minimal would be enough for you to enjoy the trip. Before you set out for your journey, it is best to seek permit, map out your journey and ensure you have all the travel essentials needed for a successful camping experience.

During your camping days, gaze at the majestic skies, spot the shooting stars and wish upon them. Nothing beats the beauty of nature!

6. Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

If nature and adventure attract you, mountain biking is the most perfect outdoor experience you could opt for. Biking helps you to travel farther because it’s a faster option. As you ride your way through steep slopes and rich vegetation, this is the perfect chance to spot wildlife and sense nature at its best.

Before you indulge in this adventure, you must ensure that the tires are up for the challenge too. If the landscape appears too rugged, opt for safer routes where it is easier to make your way to the top.

7. Nature Walks

nature lover

The simplest things in life bring the greatest joys. No one understands this better than a nature lover. If you are one, you would know how special this can be. When you visit a scenic destination, you need not pay for outdoor recreation to have a fantastic holiday. Simply wear the appropriate clothing and head out for a soothing nature walk. It calms your nerves and makes all stresses of life vanish away instantly. Getting up early specially to watch the glorious sun rise as you walk through unknown paths, not many people know how great that feels!

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