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AirAsia Introduces AirAsia ASEAN Pass For Budget Travel

Date 23 Dec 2014 | Posted by Linda Paul

AirAsia ASEAN Pass

How flying for a month in Southeast Asia in just $200 or less sounds?

The most reasonable carrier Air Asia announced that, “Thursday” it will launch a regional air pass for next year for increasing the revenue and boosting tourism in the region of Southeast Asia, Air Asia has taken the competition of low-cost travel to a more extreme level.

The low cost Malaysia base airlines have released an unlimited flying pass which allows passengers to travel to 10 destinations in Southeast Asia in just $148 (excluding the airport taxes). Air Asia bears the slogan “Now everyone can fly” has truly applied it on the use of this pass labelled with the AirAsia ASEAN Pass – this pass can be used for one complete month in the early months of 2015.

This will be the “facilitator” for more air travel in the regions of Southeast Asia and will also attract a lot of tourists. The pass will be sold to people from January 15 and other details will be also announced at the same time, said an official.

Air Asia has been the most dominating cheap travel airline for years in Southeast Asia, but it is now facing serious competition from other airlines in Asia which are offering discounts.
AirAsia ASEAN Pass
Air travel in the region of Asia is expected to grow 6.7 percent annually in the next 10 to 20 years, according to analytic 780 million passengers travelled since 2010 and by 2030 it’s expected to raise to2.2 billion. Budget travel owns a complete quarter of the air travel market in the region of Asia and is expected to grow.

On Wednesday AirAsia reported that 85 percent of their net profit fell to 5.4million Ringgit ($1.6million) for the quarter in September, quoting higher operational and economic costs.

Many travelers who haven’t flown with AirAsia before will find this offer very cheap and will have doubts on it, but it is a highly reputable airline and are the most dominating airlines in Asia. Who will doubt an airline that offers 19 different on-board buy meals and in flight bubble tea?

Stay connected for more details like eligible destinations and any restrictions which come in bullet points before the sale of the AirAsia ASEAN Pass begins on January 15, 2015.

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