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Airline Coach Meals Offered by Different Carriers

Date 20 Mar 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

Airline Coach Meals

Most of us remember when airlines used to serve meals during even the shortest flight. The meals were never extraordinary, just your standard in flight meal that used to soothe hunger pangs. Since 2000 the Airlines begun cutting down their costs by eliminating airline coach meals from their services. They realized that rather than serving in flight food they could make money off of it by making passengers pay for overpriced food. The big airline executives also saw a chance to make business and first class more attractive by serving gourmet food amongst other luxuries. Those of us who are on a budget can’t always opt for business or first class just to enjoy a gourmet meal.There are some airlines who still offer free food and there are those whose food options aren’t overpriced.

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines
Airline coach meals are offered to every single passenger regardless of the class if they’re flying from mainline to Hawaii on the states flag carrier. Those flights which depart before 10 am are served fresh fruit, cheese, crackers, AlohaMac chocolates, Tims Hawaiian Sweet Maui Onion Chips, and free Koloa Breeze Rum Punch. Flights which are scheduled after 10 am are served Pau Hana snack mix, a meal that is similar to Chinese style fried noodles with vegetables, a dessert and free wine. The two meal plans for Hawaiian Airlines are well planned and cater to different tastes.

Alaska Airlines

 airline coach meals
Alaska Airlines is a Seattle based carrier which offers variety of food on all flights which are longer than 2.5 hours. Mind you, what they offer isn’t free but it’s not over priced either. Some of the options include biscuits and gravy bowl or angus cheese burger for a mere $6. Cheese and fruit platter is sold for $7. The airline also offers Mediterranean, Northwest Deli and picnic packs for $6. Even though the food isn’t free the airline has to be lauded for keeping the price to minimum and still offering a good variety of options to choose from.

Jet Blue

Jet Blue
Jet Blue is New York based carrier and it’s JFK to Los Angeles or San Francisco Mint Premium flights on A321 have a broad selection of inflight food option. They have a number of small plate menus that are curated by New York based Saxon + Parole. The artisanal snack and treats are from Blue. They also offer free wine and beverages during the flight.

Fiji Airways

This airline is the flag carrier for South Pacific Island. Fiji Airways now offers what it’s called “Fijian Style” catering for its flights. They have revamped their coach meals by getting rid of the box meals and are now offering tray services with two hot meals on flights to/from Los Angeles and Hong Kong. Flights going to and fro Fiji, Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific will receive only one hot meal. Airline coach meals for short flights haven’t been left out from the food chain either. On all short flights they’re offering high quality snacks, all free.

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