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Alaska Denali National Park

Date 5 Nov 2014 | Posted by Linda Paul


If you want to enjoy Alaska and the still wilderness it has to offer, then for you the place would be Denali National Park. The picturesque landscape of this area is excellent, and is like a perfect postcard picture. The park is stretched on a very large area, and it is more than 6 million acres. Taking a look at the awe-inspiring scenes of this place like the mountains and even clouds coming to the level of the mountains, is a heavenly treat. You can even see very high mountains in the background with snow on them and quite above the cloud level. Alaska is one of the most extraordinary American states.

The Tour

The tour
The best way to enjoy the park is to take a bus-ride. There are very comfortable roads and even one can take his or her car and drive through themselves, but only as far as 14 miles. The journey is very interesting and the tourists learn a lot. Along the way there are a lot of cabins which can be spotted on the mountains and on the greens on the road sides. Even though it takes a few hours, it is so captivating that you don’t get bored.Denali National Park has wonderful sights and also wildlife. The plants and vegetation are also unique and worth exploring. A traveller would certainly enjoy the bus trip, but if it is to be done by walking then the joy would be much greater.

Mount McKinley

Mount McKinley
From here you can even view North America’s highest peak, Mount McKinley. It is one of the main attractions of Denali National Park. Denali means the High one, in the local Alaskan language. The mountain is more than 20,000 feet high and is surrounded by clouds, all the time. It is an excellent place to go to.

Natural Plantation

Natural plantation
There are some exquisite plants and vegetation found here which can be used for special purposes. Medicines are made from some of these plants, moss, flowers and trees for the benefit of humanity.Valarien is kind of a thorny flower or berry which if had, helps in relaxing.
Eatable salads are made out of weeds and Blue Bells. Also, Fireweed are tasty and can be eaten.

Wild Animals

Wild animals
An important thing to know about this park is that it has Grizzly Bears and they are a very dangerous kind of bears. Alaskan wilderness is full of wild and dangerous animals like bears and wolves. The tourists are advised to be careful and stay safe. They should also not disturb the bears and their environment. Precautions should be taken. Since the area of the park is large it is appropriate that a long duration of time should be spared to really explore the vicinity.

Apart from bears, Caribou are also to be found here. Rare birds are also to be seen and are a spectacle to watch.

People who want to travel to see natural parks and greenery, would definitely give preference to this park and who have already visited this place would definitely return and regard it as an unforgettable resort.

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