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All The Delicious Details You Need To Know About Mexican Street food

Date 8 Mar 2017 | Posted by Linda Paul

mexico street food

One my favorite thing to do on holiday is to try local cuisines as much as possibly can. You can see me outside food truck or a trendy café chowing down on the local offerings. Obviously, the next morning I’ll be pounding the weight at the hotel gym. I am a person of extremes. I want to indulge my passion of food and keep the weight off as well. Recently I was in Mexico and I was overwhelmed by their street food. Saying it was delicious is an understatement. I am still daydreaming about it as I type. It didn’t cost a lot either so not only did I try almost everything that was being sold, but I got seconds as well.

Mexicans love to stay out on the streets. Fun fact, over 75% of Mexicans eat on the street at least
once a week. Why shouldn’t they? The food is delicious. The wonderful aroma wafting from the vendors carts practically lures them out. Vendors sell everything from small snacks to full blown meals. Below is a Mexican street food guide which will take you from morning till dusk.

1. Breakfast

Breakfast depends on the neighborhood that you’re in. On average the vendors start selling breakfast from 7 am till noon.

Juices: you’ll see fresh juice being sold practically everywhere in Mexico. The most popular ones are orange and grapefruit and they range from 10 to 15 pesos a cup. There are a few juice stands that sell carrot juice, and by paying a little extra you can get a combination of orange and carrot juice which is called “combinado”.

Licuados: You can easily spot the stands selling licuados by the big jars on display, filled with different kinds of chopped fruit. Licuados are fruit shakes made with evaporated milk base. They taste delicious and you’ll find yourself going for seconds.

Coffee and Pastries
Coffee and Pastries: Pastries and coffee are two things that can be found everywhere. You can easily spot a vendor riding a bicycle and selling coffee from a jug and a variety of pastries to go along with it. I highly recommend the conchas, the rebanada, or the monos.

2. Lunch

Lunch is usually available from noon till dusk.

Tacos: the base of all tacos is formed by a tortilla, and there are endless options available for fillings. You can fill it with pig, cow, chicken, and vegan. You can add some salsa and onions in the mix along with some rice and beans, and you’ve got yourself a masterpiece.

Quesadillas: Tourists often confuse Tacos and Quesadillas because they share the same principle. Quesadillas have longer tortillas and the guisados (fillings) include mushrooms, chicken or beef with potato and salsa.

Birria: This is a meaty and tantalizingly spicy goat stew. At every stand you have the option of choosing tacos filled with just meat, with the stew on the side. You can also order the meet and the stew together mixed in a bowl.

3. Dinner

Elotes and esquites: These stands are only found at night and Elotes is the famous corn skewered on stick and lathered with Mayonnaise, cheese and chilli. Esquites remove the corn from the cob and cook it chicken stew.

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