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All You Need To Know About Auckland Car Rental

Date 1 Mar 2018 | Posted by Linda Paul


Renting a car while you’re on a holiday gives you the freedom and flexibility to explore more. It also saves time because you’re not constantly waiting for the train or the bus. Lastly, it’s not as exhausting as public transport. If you’re planning a trip to Auckland you can check out some of the Auckland car rentals mentioned below for the best value for money.

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1. Important Things To Look For When Comparing Auckland Car Rentals

Location: Car rentals are usually located near the airport or in the city. Your first priority is to figure out how you’ll get to these locations. Think about whether they’re convenient for you because going out of the way to rent a car will not save you any money. Another thing to keep in mind before renting a car is the drop off location. Plan out your trip first and decide where you’ll end it, and then check if the drop-off locations are convenient for you.

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Prices: The prices of Auckland car rentals fluctuate depending on the season. When you’re comparing prices of different car rentals, you need to compare what’s included in the price range to truly understand the value of the rental.

Cars Offered: Most of the car rentals in Auckland will maintain the standard of even their oldest cars, however, at the end of the day a newer car will give you the least problems. When you’re browsing for your dream car, you need to figure out if it will actually fill all your requirements. If you’re going with a family then you need to think about the number of people and their luggage. If you’re going with a few friends you’ll need to take their preference into consideration as well.

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Check Reviews: Check the reviews of your car rental before renting a car. While reading reviews you can compare other people’s experiences, which is always a help.

2. The Best Auckland Car Rental

Go Rentals: this car rental company has a large fleet of cars in all major cities of New Zealand. Their modern cars mean that there will be fewer chances of break down. There is no need to panic if a break down does occur because roadside assistance is part of every rental package.

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Pick up & Drop Off Locations: There is a courtesy shuttle available for airport branches offering a pick, and drops.

City Pick Up Location: Auckland City Center, Auckland Airport, and Penrose.

Drop off location: Queenstown Airport, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch Airport.
Cars Available: large cars, small cars, station wagons, camper trailers and 4WD.

What’s Included:
· 1 driver (21+-year-old)
· Basic car insurance
· Roadside assistance
· Go Play Discount Card

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3. Runner Up Auckland Car Rental

Snap Rentals: This rental company is great for backpackers, especially great for young adults because insurance costs are the same for every age. They don’t charge extra for multiple drivers, which is an added bonus. This is a great budget-friendly option for those looking for Auckland car rentals.

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