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All You Need To Know To Travel With A Toddler

Date 3 Mar 2016 | Posted by Linda Paul

Travel With A Toddler

Be it airplane, train or even a car journey, toddler travel can be extremely tough. For first time parents, it is no less of a serious challenge. Despite making the best of wise plans, toddlers seem to surprise you every time!

Since the fears start looming even at the thought of traveling, a lot of couples would avoid the thought. There are many obstacles they can think of. Once the child enters toddlerhood, there’s a lot happening. The constant walking and talking can make them a hyper companion to travel with. But isn’t that really wonderful?

Ditch your fears and follow these handy tips if you wish to travel with a toddler.

1. Stop Over thinking

When it comes to planning to travel with a toddler, many of the troubles are only made up in the head. This stops you from planning the trip. It’s great to be realistic about the challenges you may face with your toddler. But unnecessarily over thinking will only cause unwanted stress. Take it easy and know you can do it! After all, who knows your toddler better than yourself?

2. Book Wisely

Travel With A Toddler
When you travel with toddlers, the entire trip revolves around them. This is a sensible thing to be doing. Planning is the most important part of the trip itself and you need to spend a good amount of time in getting it done. Toddlers can become weary of planes, either the hyper or cranky mode they’re in can cause you and other fellow travelers a lot of discomforts.

To make the situation better, try to book nonstop flights. They’re clearly more expensive that the ones with layovers. However, comforts come as a top priority in toddler traveling.

If that for some reason isn’t possible, let your toddler do everything they wish during the layover. There are chances they’ll become tired and stay calm during the flight. You’ll always come across fellow passengers who aren’t sympathetic when it comes to traveling with toddlers. Train your child to face the most agitated of these passengers!

3. Aisle Seat

The entire family can’t get an aisle seat, but the one handling the toddler should ideally have access to the aisle. Even when you think it’s interesting for your toddler to look out of the window and get fascinated, he’ll eventually become weary of it. Aisle seats are great because toddlers feel the need to get up and walk around. Having this seat can help you to easily get up for short adventure walks instead of requesting many people to move in between.

4. Extra Supplies

Extra Supplies
Carrying an extra bag of supplies is a must of toddler traveling. Even the things you’d need in rare situations can come handy during air travel. From keeping them entertained to carrying what they love eating, supplies can be a life saver when everything else fails to work.

Don’t rely on the airline to provide you things that you’d need. It’s always best to carry your own. However, most of the leading airlines have a fantastic crew that would turn out to be your best allies whenever you need them. Instead of over stressing over something you can’t handle, let them do the magic!

5. Ear Pain

Just because you managed to survive the ear pain, don’t assume the same for your toddler. With extremely sensitive ears, landing and taking off can be very painful for little ones. Sucking helps to keep away from this pain so it’s a must to carry a supply of lollipops or a cup with a straw inside. Another way of escaping this pain is to chew onto some snack.

Yawning can also help to alleviate the pain. For this, you’d have to train your toddler well!

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