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Avoiding Agony On Vacation: Holiday Survival Guide

Date 20 Aug 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

Holiday Survival

A holiday is a wonderful thing, you finally get to relax and allow yourself to become a little more carefree than usual. However a sensible person has to be prepared for the worst. And one can reasonably assume that some ill may befall you on your long awaited vacation. We hope that it doesn’t but it’s good to prepare just in case. This Holiday Survival Guide will provide tips and tricks on how to avoid minor and major inconveniences during your holiday.

Take A Rolled Up Hand Towel

Tuck this in the small of your back to give it proper support and to maintain the correct curvature of your spine. This will help prevent backaches later on. It can also come helpful at a beach or by a pool – slip the rolled tower under your knees if you find lying on your back uncomfortable. It can also be helpful during the night by lending a little support if the pillows are too small for your comfort.

Your Medicines

Prepare a list of all your medication and put it in your wallet in the event that you lose them. Include both the brand name as well as the generic name of any medicines. It’s also get this list translated into the language of the country you’ll be traveling to. Same applies to your medical condition or any allergies – this will save confusion if you fall ill abroad. As for your prescription medicines take a week’s worth of extra medicine in the case of unexpected delays.

Hydrate Yourself Amply

Holiday Survival Guide
This is especially true during your flight – being in the cold dry air of the cabin will make you much more susceptible to catching a cold. Hence drink plenty of water and stay away from alcoholic drinks (save those for when you land)

How To Stop Ears Hurting

If you’ve traveled in a plan then you’ll know the unpleasant sensation of your ears ‘popping’ and subsequently hurting as the plan ascends or descends. While there are traditional ways (such as chewing, holding your breath etc) to take care of this – none works as well as the Otovent device. It consists of a small balloon which is attached to a plastic nose piece inserted into one of the nostrils. The other nostril is held closed and you blow out through the nose to inflate the balloon. This opens up a particular tube between the ear and nose and releases the air pressure – a major part of this holiday survival guide especially if you’re planning to go with children.

Dental Kits

A broken tooth or a lost filling can ruin a holiday as bad as anything. However they can be taken care of with a temporary dental repair kit. They’re not too difficult to use and you can learn in a short amount of time. You can cover a lost cap, or a crown so that the pain stops until you can come back home and see your dentist.

If you follow the tips in this holiday survival guide, you’ll be well covered during your holiday.

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