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How To Travel To Award Winning Destinations in Europe On A Budget

Date 30 Aug 2018 | Posted by Linda Paul

Let's Go Travel.

Travel enthusiasts have recently declared Portugal to be one of the hottest holiday destinations of 2018. This declaration was given weight when Portugal won big in the 2018 World Travel Awards, also known as the Oscars of the travel industry. The country won 20 awards at the ceremony in Athens, Greece. One of the most prestigious titles awarded to Portugal was being Europe’s Leading Destination 2018. Even though summer is over there is still time to take a short holiday. To be honest now is the best time because the heat wave in Europe has ended, and the temperatures have gone down. You can actually enjoy sightseeing, eating out and partying.

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1. An Affordable Holiday Package For Portugal

Hotels In Portugal
FareoAir is the only platform you need to plan the holiday of your dreams, while still sticking to your budget. If you’re planning to go on a holiday to an international destination like Portugal, then FareoAir has special fares that aren’t published on our main home page. Those who are interested in taking advantage of these deals can send us the details of their trip and we’ll get back with the best possible rates.

Our holiday packages have started picking momentum again as soon as the heat wave died down. People who had been avoiding booking a holiday to any destination in Europe are now frantically searching for affordable holiday packages and destinations.

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Even though Portugal is small, this year it has made a big impact on the world of tourism. This is obvious by the travel awards that it has won, and the deals that have been booked by avid travelers at our end.

2. Discounted Deals For Hotels In Portugal

Deals For Hotels
One of the biggest challenges when planning a holiday is to find affordable accommodations. Not everyone wants to save money by staying at hostels and hotels when not booked through a right medium can be very expensive. How would you react if we told you that we can help you save money on hotels as well? When we meant a holiday package earlier, we meant an entire holiday package that goes beyond an affordable airline ticket.

Through Fareoair’s portal, travelers can book cheap flights and also find the best hotel deals on the internet. This, by the way, is a big claim! However, it is a claim we stand by and that is why customers seek our help again and again. Hotel reservations can be made online by simply filling an online form. You’ll be asked to answer simple questions like when you’re planning to check-in and check-out, number of occupants and the location. We have accommodation partners all over the world, and with their help, we’ll produce a list of the best hotel deals anywhere in Europe.

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3. Award Winning Holiday Destinations In Europe

Holiday Destinations In Europe
Well, for starters Portugal was just awarded the title Europe’s leading destination, while on the Madeira Islands nabbed the award for Europe’s Leading Island Destination and lastly, but not the least Lisbon has been dubbed Europe’s Leading City Destination. When you plan your holiday to these awards-winning destinations through FareoAir, you’ll save money and all the trouble that goes into planning an international holiday.

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