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Best Airlines To Fly International Economy Class

Date 3 Nov 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

Economy Class

Economy class gripes; a lot of us suffer from them long before we begin traveling. The scarce leg space, food that makes you lose your appetite and uncomfortable journey experience can really put you off. But luckily, there are some airlines continuously improving the standards of their economy class, because let’s face the truth, most of us can only dream of traveling through the first class of an airline.

With the airline carriers competing in a customer-grabbing-leap-frog-race, they’ve invested in the economy class in an attempt to make it desirable for the travelers. Being creative in the seating arrangement, providing more leg room, improved in-flight entertainment, bright and beautiful interiors of the cabins and the preparation of fine meals are some of the many ways how some airlines are standing out from others and winning the show of the best airlines to fly international economy class.

Let’s take a look and some of the best of these.

1. Asiana Airlines

Established in 1988, Asiana Airlines has embraced the globe with their 84 aircrafts. Offering maximum customer satisfaction and the finest services, the airline has been a SkyTrax award winner in 2012. The cabin is designed well with not the average looking cramped up seating arrangement. You’ll be offered with the finest food, watch out for yeongyang ssambap and bibimbap. The airline’s economy class also offers excellent services for the infants and handicapped.

2. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines
Being the national airline of Singapore, it has lately become one of the most trusted brands for traveling among customers around the globe. The airline ensures the long haul travels run smoothly. The economy class has the variety of in-flight entertainment along with leg room suiting your comfort. There is also a choice of 23 preferred seats on the aircraft. The new economy class of Singapore Airlines is an innovation of more personal space and the best personalized services.

3. Qatar Airways

With its cabin crew being awarded the best in the Middle East since past seven years, the passengers on the airlines are looked after in the best ways. From settling in comfortable seats that allow you to relax, eat and sleep, the airline takes entertainment very religiously and you’ll find yourself in a pickle when you’ll have to choose among the wide variety of options. It’s a pleasure to taste their delicious cuisine. The airline keeps you connected to the globe with an advanced Wi-Fi service.

4. Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia
Experience one of the best airlines to fly international economy class through traveling with Garuda Indonesia. The airline has the most dedicated cabin crew and it is no wonder that they’ve been awarded by SkyTrax recently. With a convenient seat that you can recline and a foot rest, you’ll not feel the fatigue of an economy class traveling. The airline has the best selection of Asian, Korean and Western meals.

Get rid of the economy class phobia by traveling with the best airlines to fly international economy class.

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