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Book Cheap Flights To Florida In Time For Spring Break

Date 22 Feb 2018 | Posted by Linda Paul


Florida is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the United States. It’s sunny, beautiful and hey, it has Walt Disney World! The magical theme park attracts thousands of families all year round. During the peak seasons like Spring Break, summer and Christmas holidays prices of airline ticket tend to skyrocket. If you’re thinking of traveling to Florida during the upcoming spring break or even later in the year, our tips will help you book cheap flights to Florida.

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1. Try A Budget Carrier

As the name suggests budget carriers are easy on the pocket, and one of the best ways to save money on air travel. Even though the cost of the airline ticket is pretty low compared to its mainstream counterpart, we still recommend that you book your ticket at least three weeks in advance. There is a chance you might end up saving even more money if you book more than a couple of weeks in advance. Airlines raise the price of their ticket as the date of departure draws nearer.

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Budget carriers have great service and enough leg space to be comfortable during the flight. They don’t serve “free” food on the flight though because they don’t include those charges in the price of the airline ticket like their expensive counterparts do.

2. Sign Up For A Loyalty Program

It’s always a smart move to sign up for an airlines loyalty program if you’re an avid traveler. The more you fly, the more points you earn. Loyalty members can also earn airline miles by signing up to co-branded airline credit cards or travel credit cards in general. Some credit cards give 2x airline miles per purchase. So you rack up miles by just doing everyday things like buying grocery or coffee.

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If you’re already a loyalty member who is a couple of thousand miles short of the required number need for a reward seat, you can buy airline miles to reach the target. Buying airline miles from mileage brokers is a game changer because they sell miles at the lowest possible price.

3. Use The Right Search Engine

When looking for cheap flights to Florida, it’s essential to use the right travel search engine. There are so many on the internet these days, but try to use the one that gives you the most options. Also, make sure the search engine shows results for budget carriers as well.

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4. Last Minute Trips

Since spring break is literally around the corner, most of the younger crowd will be looking into the best spring break destinations. Florida definitely ticks all the boxes of the ideal spring break location. There is still time to book a cheap flight to Florida if you book a mid-week flight rather than the weekend. The weekend prices will be higher at this time. You can book your flight for Wednesday and then fly back on a Tuesday. You’ll be saving money on both the tickets.

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