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Budget Travel Vacation: Places Costing Less than $50 per day

Date 18 Jun 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

Traveling Cheap

Many of us like to travel but are constrained by a limited budget. We think that a vacation is something we cannot afford, especially one abroad. Well the good news is that you can, the following list contains countries where you can live for $50 a day (sometimes less). So if you save a little, you can have your budget travel vacation.


One of the best value countries for a vacation, Cambodia is both beautiful and really affordable in terms of expenses incurred. A good, air-conditioned room will cost you $20, and the local food costs $2 per meal. If you prefer western food, that is also available for the very fair price of $7. In reality if you’re spending $50 dollars a day in Cambodia, you’re living very well. While many countries in Southeast Asia are just as cheap, few rival the rugged and natural beauty of Cambodia.


China is a country visited by millions each year, while not as cheap as in days past, China is still a great destination for those on a budget travel vacation. It has stunning natural landscapes and a rich history. Rooms, especially in the countryside rarely cost more than $20 a day, meals stray between 2 to 5 dollars and local transportation less than a buck. The locals are really friendly, and the food is fantastic.


Budget Travel Vacation
It’s a very popular tourist destination which can be surprisingly cheap. Hotel rooms are between $6 and $10 a night, the local street food will cost $5 a day and beer about 2 bucks. Sightseeing activities, including those paradise like islands you see in photographs, are a bargain and usually cost $20. Stunning beaches, perfect water, lush jungles, good food and friendly locals are some of the things you’ll come across in this budget friendly location.


It’s strange how people forget how budget friendly Portugal is. And for a country that has amazing sights, friendly people, superb food and historic cities with a rich history, it’s even more surprising how it’s often glossed over by people thinking of places to visit. Even some of the five star hotels are affordable in places like Lisbon. The average cost per day should not stray too far from $50.


Famous for the grand Machu Pichu citadel located high in the Andes Mountains, many tourists come to explore the Incan Trial leading to this legendary place. However there’s much more to Peru than this, you can sail the Amazon, visit the beaches of Mancora and visit other Inca destinations like Moray and Choquequirao. It is super cheap and you’ll likely just spend $40 dollars each day -16$ for accommodation, $11 for three meals a day and similarly entertainment around $15.


Beaches of Goa, Metropolitan New Delhi, the Taj Mahal at Agra all await you in this land which is really budget friendly. Unless you live lavishly, you’ll be hard-pressed to spend more than $50 a day.

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