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Camping With Kids Made Easy!

Date 31 Oct 2016 | Posted by Umema Aimen

Camping With Kids

Camping is an all time favorite family activity. Even with modern gadgets and ways of entertainment, camping has not lost its popularity. However, camping with kids can also be a nerve wrecking experience for parents who have to plan and execute this long outdoor endeavour! It’s supposed to say AND after plan but it says AN

Here is a guide to make the camping trip go as smoothly as possible:

1. Prepare The Kids And Yourself!:

Prepare-Kids for-Camping
Camping looks exciting but it can hard for children who’re only used to sleeping in their warm comfy beds. So explain camping to your kids. They need to know there won’t be any electricity to charge their tablets or how they’ll have to survive on basic necessities. Many parents advice setting up a camp in your background so your kids can have a test run of the actual experience. This way you won’t have a screeching 10 year old demanding to go back home at 2am!

2. Pack For All Kinds Of Weather:

Pack For All Kinds Of Weather Whether it rains or snows or gets very sunny, have clothes for it. But don’t over pack! Kids can re-wear the same clothes. There’s no need to have a new outfit for each day. The more things you have, the heavier your backpack will be! Also, the point of camping is to teach children that life can be pretty enjoyable without the luxuries as well.

3. Use A Checklist:

Travel Checklist
A camping trip requires a lot of things and having them all on a checklist makes life easier. On top of your checklist should be the important things: tent, sleeping bags, food, toilet paper(!!!), silverware, flashlights, clothes, camp chairs etc. You’ll also want to bring along some camp toys, first aid kit, sunscreen and ketchup!

4. Playtime Is Very Important:

Playtime Is Very Important This is what good camping memories are made of! Disconnected from the whole world, bundled up in blankets in front of bonfire while roasting marshmallows, your family will have a powerful bonding experience which they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. With the smartphones and tablets out of sight, card and board games will provide great entertainment. Laughter, stories and marshmallows are hallmarks of a good camping experience!

5. Don’t Forget The Duct Tape:

Duct tape can fix everything with its magical fixing abilities. Be it a torn tent or a broken shoe or a leaking canoe, duct tape can save everything’s life! Just like you can’t forget your kids at home for camping, you can’t forget the duct tape! Just bring it, ok?

6. Light It Up:

Light It Up It’s a universally acknowledged truth that you can never pack enough flashlights for a camping trip! Lanterns provide more light than a torch but most parents hesitate because they’re considered a safety hazard. Good news: kids friendly lanterns are now widely available! Bring a torch of every size. My dad always made sure all of us had our own torch. For the kids’ entertainment, you could also bring glow-in-the-dark sticks! Glow in the dark ring toss makes a great game for a camping night!

7. Sleep Is Crucial:

Nighttime is usually the most fun part of camping but you have to limit the fun and make some time for sleep. The less sleep you get at night, the more cranky you’ll be during the day. You might survive a day or two on little sleep but camping is physically exhausting so you’ll burn out pretty soon. We recommend setting a bedtime schedule and clinging to it tightly! There will be less fights and grumpiness if everyone sleeps properly at night.

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