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If You Want To Learn How To Be A Real Traveler In Thailand Then Reading This Is A Must


You have booked your dream vacation and are counting down the days till you leave for Thailand. By now you flipped through the guidebook a dozen times ticking of all the places you want to see. Planning a dream vacation is just as exciting as living it, don’t you agree? The anticipation of the big […]

Where To Travel Next For A Thrilling Adventure – Part II


Welcome back, fellow adventurers! Last week we climbed volcanoes, lingered on a beach and then ziplined through a rainforest. This week, we’re back in Costa Rica for another thrilling adventure. 1. Cave spelunking The Venado Caves in San Carlos have the most peculiar history. Residents had heard always a rumor that there were some caves […]

Where To Travel Next for a Thrilling Adventure? Part I

Thrilling Adventure

If you’re an adrenaline junkie like me, you’re probably always on the lookout for where to travel next for a thrilling adventure. I’ve had my fair of crazy shenanigans across the globe but Costa Rica’s where I had the most fun! If you talk to any Costa Rican, they’ll tell you a story. It goes […]

3 Mind Blowing Adventurous Trips Of 2016

Adventurous Trips Of 2016

Life is too short to delay any of your grand plans. Often, we take a lifetime to build the courage for adventurous trips. Not everyone has the nerve to face their fears and experience the most thrilling journeys of their life. It’s indeed a very rewarding experience, but requires you to let go of all […]

Truly Adventurous Destinations Around The World

Adventurous Destinations

For many, traveling to a distant land is the chance to explore its spectacular sites and absorb in its culture. But for some, traveling is all about fulfilling the need for adventures. Luckily, the world has a lot to offer to fulfill their dreams because of the countless adventurous trips you can plan around the […]

Puzzling Travel Decisions: Train Vs Plane

train vs plane

Feeling your heart jumping up and down with joy? We all know that feeling once we plan to begin traveling. While it is exciting to think about the amazing memories and limitless adventures you are about to experience, planning can sometimes be very tedious! Where to go? What not to miss? How would I fit […]

Places That Pump Adrenaline: Adventure Travel Destinations

Adventure travel

Adventure traveling is on the rise, the new generation of travelers prefer braving the wild and facing the unknown as opposed to relaxing on the beach. This is not to say that travelers of the past generation do not like adventure, some of them love it and continue to seek thrills around the globe. The […]

Travel Bucket List 2015 Ideas

Bucket List

The world that we live in is not only beautiful but truly extraordinary. It is hard to make a travel bucket list for a specific year and not leave out so many places worth visiting. It would be amazing if we could visit all the places we’ve read about or seen in movies or television. […]

5 Reasons That Prevent You From Traveling The World


Traveling is one of the most enjoyable activities, but there are a few drawbacks that make traveling less exciting. There are many things that stop people from traveling a lot. Here are the top five reasons why people avoid traveling the world. Not Leaving Your Comfort Zone People who love their comfort zone, meaning their […]

Plan Your 40th Anniversary Trip In Turkey

Anniversary Trip

One of the biggest challenges when booking a holiday, especially in a new city or country is hotel reservations. There are so many to choose from and personally I just get confused about which to choose. I once made a mistake of booking a hotel in India, which was pretty expensive compared to some of […]