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How To Find Cheap Flights Easily Throughout The Year


For every budget traveler out there, planning a trip ahead of time is a must in order to ensure everything fits within the budget. It’s the airline ticket that usually costs the most, and causes the most stress. How does one find cheap flights easily? Most importantly does such a thing like a cheap flight […]

Smart Ways To Plan A Family Vacation On A Budget


With a little creativity and clever planning, you can plan a great family vacation while staying within budget. Yes, it is possible. You can forget about the staycation you had planned or spending a few nights at the grandparents because with our tips and tricks you can plan an unforgettable family vacation on a budget. […]

Planning The Perfect Honeymoon on a Budget in the Least Stressful Way


Planning a wedding is stressful enough and it consumes a large chunk of a couple’s savings. Even though many consider a honeymoon to be a time of luxury, not every couple has the capability to splurge on a lavish honeymoon right after the wedding. Not splurging on a honeymoon doesn’t mean that your first honeymoon […]

Book Cheap Flights To Florida In Time For Spring Break


Florida is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the United States. It’s sunny, beautiful and hey, it has Walt Disney World! The magical theme park attracts thousands of families all year round. During the peak seasons like Spring Break, summer and Christmas holidays prices of airline ticket tend to skyrocket. If you’re thinking […]

Everything You Need To Know When You Visit Quebec On A Budget

visit Quebec on a budget

Quebec City, Canada is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the country. It may sound almost impossible to visit Quebec on a budget on a first glance. However, if you plan your trip according to our tips then you might end up saving a ton of money and visit Quebec on a budget […]

Four Budget Friendly Vacation Ideas

budget friendly vacation ideas

I know a lot of my friends (and readers) dream about traveling the world. What holds them back is taking time off work and the funds needed for the big vacation. They claim it is not always feasible even when they have the best intentions. Real life gets in the way. We often talk about […]

Visiting Singapore On A Budget Is Easy When You Have Free Sightseeing, Cheap Flights And Budget Friendly Hotels

Singapore on a budget

The only thing tiny about Singapore is its size; everything else about it is larger than life. It is a beautiful modern city with a captivating presence. A lot of tourists fly to Singapore every year and they are amazed by everything it offers. Along by being hypnotized by the energy and dynamic beauty of […]

Want To Stay Updated With The Best Travel Deals? Here Is Where I Find The Best Travel Deals

best travel deals

There is a common misconception that traveling is expensive, however it is far from the truth. There are so many amazing deals being offered by airlines all the time. The deals don’t last a long time, because they sell out within hours of their release. Sometimes these deals are so amazing that they force people […]

Is Venice Next On Your Bucket List? These are 5 of The Best Budget Places to Stay in Venice

Best Budget Places

Venice is one of those places that is on everyone’s bucket lists. It’s full of history, romance, and the stunning architecture. Whenever I used to see a picture of Venice I felt as if it was beckoning me, luring me with it’s’ beauty and allure. Obviously a year or so later I succumbed to Venice’s […]

We Found Cheap Flights To Florida and Had The Best Spring

Spring In Florida

Over the Spring Break I was lucky enough to find cheap flights to Florida. I had begun browsing for cheap flights to Flora in the beginning of February and it took me well over a week to finally book a ticket. My family and I had been dreaming of a holiday to Florida for months. […]