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The Top Rated Hotels In Auckland


The top-rated hotels in Auckland listed below are beloved by travel experts and have their seal of approval. The list of hotels includes boutique hotels, budget hotels, and luxury hotels. If you’re planning a trip to Auckland soon then, be sure to pick a hotel from our list to guarantee a seamless experience. Read: All […]

Budget Friendly Miami Hotels of 2018

Miami hotels

While curating the list of the most affordable Miami hotels in 2018, we made sure that we did a thorough research on every aspect of the hotel. We had no intention of dumping you into a cheap hotel with a lousy service. Miami is home to the ever-popular Miami Beach, and because of that hotels […]

Two Outstanding Cheap Hotels In Tampa, Florida


The cheap hotels in Tampa have been selected by some of the best travel experts at Telegraph UK. Despite their affordable price range, these cheap hotels in Tampa, Florida tick all the right boxes for guests who are looking for comfort and sophistication. Guests can easily save money on accommodation and spend it on numerous […]

The Best Hotels In Sydney For Every Budget


Hotels play a huge part in creating a happy holiday that will be remembered for years to come. Every traveler has different needs and a different budget and keeping that in mind we created a list of the best hotels in Sydney. These hotels can mold themselves according to different budgets and lifestyle needs. If […]

Best Hotels In Orlando For Every Budget


Orlando is one of the top family holiday destinations in the United States, and it’s easy to see why. First of there is Disney World which attracts millions every year. There are beautiful beaches and a laid-back vibe which is mandatory for a good holiday destination. Since it’s a hub for tourists all year round, […]

The Top Hotels In London Which Are Fit For Royalty


Every year millions of tourist’s head to London, and this year the number of people flying to England has literally doubled because of the Royal Wedding next month. According to reports hotels in Windsor and London were booked solid as soon as Kensington Palace announced the wedding dates. Since the Royal Wedding is a month […]

Four Of The Best Hotels In Dublin That Don’t Break The Bank


If you’re in the United States or anywhere else in the world for that matter Dublin makes for a great getaway. The beautiful Irish capital is a home to a large number of stunning sights and quirky attractions. To make it easier for budget conscious tourists it has amazing cheap hotels in Dublin as well, […]

The Top Four Hotels In Dubai That Are Worth The Money


When you think of Dubai you automatically think of luxury, beautiful beaches, and the world’s biggest mall. The Arabs like to go all out in the extravagance department and as Dubai grows so does its ever-expanding list of luxury hotels. Some of the top hotels in Dubai have refined international food and extra-special services. Having […]

The Top Five Hotels In Chicago


Chicago was once known for being Opera’s town, but since the end of her show, its popularity declined. Almost a decade later and Clubs have finally won the World Series, and it’s almost Obama’s hometown. With all this combined, Chicago is red hot right now. Last year, the city was flooded with 54 million tourists […]

How To Snag A Cheap Hotel This Holiday Season


We have some life-saving tips for those planning to visit family for the holidays and don’t have a guest room for an option. Look on the bright side it’s always good to have some privacy, especially during the holiday season when emotions (and spirits) are high. This is the time you need to start looking […]