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The Best Places To Visit This September


Fall is literally around the corner, and the Pumpkin Spiced Latte season is upon us. How many of us count the days till they can sip Starbucks legendary drink? September also brings cooler weather (which is so welcomed at the moment), and price drop in airfare. Kids are back in school, and because of that […]

Affordable Holiday Destination This Summer; Texas, Dallas


The most gratifying thing about summer is the destination holiday and nothing is more exhilarating than having one at an affordable price. Located in metropolitan areas in U.S, North Texas, Dallas has been listed amongst most affordable places across the country by Forbes. According to a study conducted by Smart Asset to evaluate the average […]

World’s Best Places To Visit This Year


There is so much out there for you to explore from exotic islands to scenic national parks. We decided to narrow down some of the world’s best places to visit in order to make the process of choosing a holiday destination less daunting. Read: Why These Destinations Stand Out As The Ultimate Spanish Holiday For […]

Why These Destinations Stand Out As The Ultimate Spanish Holiday For 2018


Spain has been declared one of 2018’s best value destinations for a summer holiday, especially so for Britons. Every year almost 12 million Britons visit Spain because it offers the cheapest trips. There are a large number of destinations in Spain that are beloved by travelers such as Barcelona, Ibiza, and Majorca. We’re listing all […]

Some Of The Best Places To Visit In Florida


Florida is the home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It has spectacular fishing, excellent diving and a wildlife that is diverse both above and below the water. The cities go from being huge and modern like Miami, to quaint and colorful like the Key West. It’s a place kid instantly […]

Five Of The Top Rated Tourist Attractions In Marrakech


Marrakech is Morocco’s jewel because it offers everything from great tourist attractions, shopping, and food. The name of the city was inspired by the country itself, which only highlights the town’s importance through the ages. The city is like most of the country is hot, filled with intensely bright colors, and to the top, it […]

6 Affordable Vacation Destinations Around The US


The United States has endless possibilities of fun family vacation spots. The country literally offers everything you can ever wish for, from National Parks to Disneyland. If you want to have a quick holiday with your family before the summer vacation then these 6 affordable vacations around the US will come in handy. Read: Unusual […]

The Places To See In Tokyo That Need To Be On Every Travel List


Tokyo is a diverse city which has evolved into a blend of history and modern urban life. There is so much to do and see, and because of that, every traveler needs to be prepared. We’re going to make it easier for you and help you create a tour of the city that is worth […]

Unusual Places To See That Are Worth Visiting


This installment of unusual places to see just might be the unusual one yet, because it is the Cathedral of Junk. If you’re a little confused about what that is, it is literally what the name suggests, a Cathedral of (literal) Junk. In 1988 Vince Hannemann got this (pretty eccentric) idea to make a cathedral […]

These Tips Are Essential For New Travellers To Cheap Destinations

cheap destinations

Traveling doesn’t always have to be super expensive. There are so many affordable destinations around the world that don’t require you to empty your bank account. You’ll be surprised at the number of popular tourist destinations that are both affordable and worth the visit. Here are some tips for new travelers to cheap destinations. Certain […]