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Create Picture Perfect Moments: A Guide To Take Amazing Travel Photos

Date 25 May 2016 | Posted by Linda Paul

Take Amazing Travel Photos

Anyone who craves to trot the globe wishes they could take amazing travel photos. Despite being an avid traveler for all my life, when exploring travel blogs I always thought expensive cameras are the essential ingredient for great looking photos. Years of experience has changed my perception.

The photographs you take on a trip are invaluable; they stay there long after the trip ends. Other than some miserable hard drive collapses, the chances are that you can always have the pleasure of looking at these from time to time. Your travel photos bring back countless memories and thoughts. If you learn to take good photos, they can bring back the same feelings and smell. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to relive those moments?

Here are some tried and tested tips to take amazing travel photos.

1. Your Travel Gear

This is the key to get started. If you want to master the art of travel photography, add items to your travel gear and take good care of them. I know of a lot of travelers who own extremely expensive cameras only to take average photos.

What’s a better alternative? Invest in a camera that does a fine job and explore its settings well before you embark on the journey. Ideally, a lightweight camera does a fine job. It’s best to pack an extra battery along with the charger. Ensure that you’ve packed the memory card, an extra one always helps! A travel tripod, camera strap and flashlight are some helpful travel photography gears. The most important of these is a good quality camera bag that fits everything and places them in a way that they stay damage-free.

2. Look for the Golden Hours

Look for the Golden Hours

Sadly, a lot of people still think shooting in the middle of the day when the sun shines bright is the perfect time. This might be a terrible time to shoot because the lights are too harsh and you might not be able to do justice to your subject if you aren’t a professional photographer.
Look for the golden hours when the natural light is warm. Somewhat close to sunrise and sunset is possibly the most perfect time!

3. Know Your Destination

There may be plenty that that the eye wonderfully captures but the camera fails to do so. Your photographs must show the destinations well. There are plenty of people who have traveled to Malaysia and hit the famous places like Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi and Penang. While you photograph them, how do your results come out to be unique and creative?

For this, it is best to study your destination before the trip. Look for the top attractions, some interesting angles away from the crowds and the best views for sunrise and sunset. This helps you to take photos in a completely different manner.

4. Take Amazing Travel Photos by Changing Angles

Take Amazing Travel Photos

The composition of your photo is the most important element while you aim to capture a great moment. You can take wonderful photos with your smart phone if you start being creative with the photo composition. Change angles often because that would help you to capture spectacular views.

The subject should always be the focus. Now how you make the subject compelling all depends on you. Before your trip, practice with the rule of thirds. You would never take boring photos again!

5. Create a Combination

Many times, I fail to look at my own travel photos simply because they don’t look interesting enough. You’re not alone there. After all, Google shows you a trillion angles of the Hampton Court. Why take the same monotonous photos again?

For the best results, create a combination of people, place and things. Turn a rainy day into a picture day by photographing your wife holding an umbrella in front of the Hampton Court Palace. Explore the possibilities of a great shot by creating interesting combinations that brings back more memories!

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