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Does Travel Make You Happy?

Date 27 Sep 2016 | Posted by Linda Paul


Travel changes you in countless ways. Years of traveling has lead me to believe that travel makes you happy, more than anything else! Trotting to different destinations, exploring the beauty of nature and taking unknown paths full of surprises is just the way some of us wish to live our life.

It’s incredible how even a mental vacation can help you drift away far from the worries of life and look forward to new beginnings. A day out to the Central Park, a cruise to Antarctica, adventures in Western Australia and the peaceful surroundings of Lake District all had a common feeling. The question I asked myself one fine day was; what it is about travel that brings so much joy into my life.

Does travel make you happy? You’re not alone there, and here’s why.

1. It Brings Out Your Creative Side

it-brings-out-your-creative-side Ever heard how a person has so many personalities that only come out at the right time and place? Travel helps you to discover these personalities growing up inside you. An incredible way in which it changes you is that it helps you bring out your creative side. Planning vacations in different ways, making your journey more interesting and memorable, taking amazing photos that are out of the ordinary are all some of the many ways in which we make our trips unique. It makes you more creative, and believe you’re capable of making grand plans if you wish to.

2. You Meet Amazing People

you-meet-amazing-people Life is a journey itself and it wouldn’t be as amazing if it wasn’t for people that we meet along the way. Such is the way travel works for most people. You meet new people when you travel around the globe, make friends with them and even stay part of each other’s life for years to come. It’s incredible to get past all the cultural shocks and get united on something that makes us so alike, humanity!

Even for the introverts, traveling is awesome because they learn to open up and make travel buddies.

3. Your Imagination Comes to Life

your-imagination-comes-to-life I have this habit of daydreaming on the busiest Mondays of incredibly beautiful places where I can unwind and have the time of my life. What makes travel so amazing? All my daydreams actually come to life! It’s just overwhelming to discover that there are stunning destinations all around us, better than what we imagine about. Ever been so breathtakingly beautiful places where you actually need to spend some time to absorb your surroundings? You badly want someone to pinch you so you get back to the reality.

But that is true. The world around us is heavenly and it’s exciting to travel to places that you’ve been daydreaming about ever since you opened your eyes into the world!

4. You Push Your Limits

you-push-your-limits Like I said before, travel changes you in countless ways. Travel makes you happy because you push your limits and do what you were never capable of back at home. You pull on the courage mask and face the world of unknown. It’s amazing to see how easy it is to step out of your comfort zone and still be super happy about it. That is true for all the travelers who live with fears of height, going solo and even flying! It helps you to kick off your travel anxieties and embrace the brighter side of life.

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