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Effectively Training Yourself To Sleep In A Plane

Date 29 Dec 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

Sleep in plane

So you can sleep in a plane? How do you manage to do that?

You’ll find many surprising reactions from people if you’re the one who can peacefully sleep in a plane. And it is certainly not anything ordinary. Many of us find flying miserable, especially because it gets impossible to lie down comfortably. The misery worsens for travelers who are exhausted and looking for some peaceful moments to take a power nap on a long haul flight.

Sleeping is not that of a worry on a first class flight because of the availability of comfortable suites and more personal space. However, when it comes to the economy class, it is no less than a nightmare for many!
It is a tough task and there is a lot of practicing involved; but you can eventually train yourself to sleep in a plane. Find out how this is possible.

1. Book Sensibly

You’d be surprised how many of your troubles booking can solve. If you take your time and think smartly while booking, you’ve the chance to sleep better in a place! To begin with, examine and enquire about the type of seats available in the plane. If it’s a night flight, it’s wisest to choose for a window seat where you can sleep peacefully. Next up, it all depends on the type of sleeper you are and the sides you prefer while sleeping. Keeping these factors in mind, book your seats wisely!

2. Relax Your Mind

sleep in a plane
Whether it’s a recreational trip or a flying for an important business venture, flying can become extremely stressful. The need to pack the right things, arrive at the correct time, ensuring everything is done as it should have been; this can eat up a lot your peace of mind. Naturally, this would make you lose your sleep. This is true for any stressful situation even within your comfort zone. The best way to get rid of the travel anxiety is to relax your mind and keep it away from troubles. This is only possible if you plan ahead and manage your timings appropriately.

3. Play The Right Tunes

If you’re the one who falls asleep easily when listening to the music, it can’t be that tough for you to sleep in a plane. But to ensure this works out, you need to go an extra mile and prepare tunes that would soothe your mind and soul and would help you to easily fall asleep. A lot of people face the issue of getting distracted with the noises around them. To escape this, escape into another world by listening to the tunes that are bound to make you relax and ultimately fall asleep!

4. Comfortable Clothing

Comfortable Clothing
Truth be told, a lot of us overdress only because we want to appear well dressed at the airport to look great. That’s fine, but falling asleep in these clothes can turn out to be an impossible mission. Now that doesn’t mean that you become too casual with your dressing. It is certainly possible to look amazing even when you wear clothes that are comfortable and the ones you can easily breathe through.

5. Invest In A Great Travel Pillow

You might think they’re completely useless. However, take a look around while in a plane and see how many people can easily fall asleep with the travel pillow. That might mean you’ll have to look for an appropriate one. If it works out for you, it can possible turn into a blessing!

6. Eat With A Caution

Eat With A Caution
Just like normal days, whatever you eat has a strong impact on your sleeping pattern. A lot of us underestimate the power of the right foods to induce a peaceful sleep; especially when traveling. Wherever you can, avoid having cocktails, soda and caffeine in any form. This can cause dehydration and would end up making you lose your sleep. Milk is a much healthier option; tryptophan induces drowsiness effectively. Do you research and look out for sleep-inducing snacks!

Never again would you have to face the misery of not being able to sleep in a plane if you’ve a super long flight ahead of you!

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