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Essential Travel Tips For Thanksgiving Day

Date 21 Nov 2014 | Posted by Linda Paul


Well the best time of the year is here again with Thanksgiving Day and Christmas just around the corner. Thanksgiving Day is one of the most travelled holidays in the US, every year thousands of families plan their trips to their preferred destinations for celebrating the holiday with their loved ones.

Traveling during holiday time can be extremely stressful, busy and expensive. But don’t worry; we have some tips which can help you in planning a proper full of fun holiday within your budget. Check out the tips given below and follow them so you can also make the most out of your Thanksgiving holiday.

1. Avoid Travelling In Peak Dates

Avoid Travelling
It’s always wise to travel a little earlier, avoid travelling in the peak days as the airfare will be high. Travelling five or six days before Thanksgiving Day means you are travelling during the peak season. This is the busiest time period to travel in, so we recommend that you book your flight nine to ten days before Thanksgiving Day. Always keep a watch on the different airlines as during the holiday season they offer amazing discount deals and offers which will help you in saving money.

2.Search The Internet For Travel Deals

Internet For Travel
The best option for you to save money for the Thanksgiving Day Holiday is by searching the internet for travel deals and offers. When you search the internet you will find several amazing deals and this will help you in understanding and selecting the best option for you. Whether you are booking your flight from Travelocity, auction sites or using FareOair you can always compare the prices and select the best deal for your travelling.

3. Don’t Over Pack Your Luggage

Pack Your Luggage
Remember this point, that you have to pack for your journey sensibly you don’t need to bring long everything with you, only pack the necessary clothing and accessories which you need.

As for liquids and gels you should be aware that the TSA rules about fluids and gels is that you can bring 3.4 ounces or small bottles, which are packed in a single quarter size clear zip lock plastic bag.
Once you have cleared from the security checkpoint at the airport you can bring any liquid like coffee or water which has been purchased from the airport. If you want to bring liquids or gels which are more than 3.4 ounce amount then you need to pack them in your luggage.

4.You Can Use The Web For Other Things Except For Booking

With the new technological development, online travel booking is a real time-saver. After you are done with booking your Thanksgiving Day Holiday tickets its best that you print your ticket and boarding passes at home or you can even get your boarding pass on your smartphone.

Also, its best that you do online shopping for all the gifts and get them shipped to your location, this will save you travelling time and will cut down the risk of getting lost and will reduce your luggage weight as well.

5. Travel Early In Morning Or Late At Night

Late At Night
It’s a fact that airports are less congested during early morning hours when most of the people are at home in a deep sleep. Flights are not even delayed in early morning and after the midday an evening peak hour passes airports unclog again during the night hours. The only backdrop is that in early flights you won’t find a lot of airport staff, even though the flight is ready for departure on time, the check in may take you some time.

So follow these tips on booking your flight for Thanksgiving Day holiday and spend a lovely vacation with your family and loved ones.

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