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Everything You Need To Know When You Visit Quebec On A Budget

Date 21 Sep 2017 | Posted by Linda Paul

visit Quebec on a budget

Quebec City, Canada is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the country. It may sound almost impossible to visit Quebec on a budget on a first glance. However, if you plan your trip according to our tips then you might end up saving a ton of money and visit Quebec on a budget that is right for you.

1. Arriving On A Budget

Arriving On A Budget
VIA Rail Discounts
Traveling on a train is an ideal way to see the picturesque side of Canada. There are always great deals on advanced purchasable tickets.

Amazing Deals On Flights
Compare airline tickets from different airlines to find the cheapest flight to Quebec. We recommend that you sign up for email alerts to know exactly when the best prices are available. Airlines are always slashing prices on their tickets and email alerts are great because you’ll be one of the first to know about them. Also keep a lookout for great reward seats if you have enough airline miles, you’ll end up saving a lot of money through that as well.

Drive To The City
If you live in Canada then driving is probably one of the best and cheapest options for you. It doesn’t matter if you rent a car or drive your own, driving to Quebec is an excellent idea because there are a lot of fun day trips to do there as well.

2. Accommodations In The City

Accommodations In The City
Look For Seasonal Promotions
You’ll be surprised at how often hotels roll out 20% off their regular rates. This happens every season so make sure to join social media handles of your favorite hotels for all the latest updates. Their websites also have exclusive deals and promotions running all the time.

Third Party Deals
If you can’t find something that fits your budget on the hotels website then we recommend that you start looking at third party hotel deals. Travelzoo is great for budget friendly accommodations deals. Sometimes the promotions on Travelzoo also include free breakfast or dining cards for their restaurants.

Stay At An Airbnb Vacation Home
If you’re planning to visit Quebec on a budget then booking an affordable vacation home on Airbnb might just be the best option for you. It is cheaper than staying at a hotel, and some people enjoy the home away from home vibe it gives. A lot of these homes include kitchens which will provide you the luxury of not eating out. Airbnb always has discounts for first timers, sometimes giving even more than 20% off to first time customers.

3. Exploring The City On A Budget

Exploring The City On A Budget
Travel On Foot
The city of Quebec is easy to navigate on foot. Just wear comfortable shoes in-case you do plan on exploring this way. This will save you a lot of money and keep all the extra holiday pounds off.

Public Transportation
Opting for local buses is another great way to travel around the city. We recommend that you research the routes first in order to become familiar with them and then use public transportation.

Round Trip One Way Multi City
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