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The Fear of Flying

Date 8 Oct 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

fare in airplane

There are a lot of strange phobias out there; and without being offensive one can view them as slightly strange. Xanthophobia – fear of the color yellow, Turophobia – the fear of cheese, Coulrophobia – the fear of clowns (well to be honest if anyone has seen IT then this fear is warranted, and Triskaidekaphobia – a morbid fear of the number 13. The list goes on. So when it comes to it, the fear of flying doesn’t seem all the unusual – after all you’re flying in a metal tube thousands of feet in the air and people wonder if something could go wrong. However millions of people fly every day without getting upset or anything happening – aviation is one of the safest industries out there. So if you suffer from a crippling fear of flying, fret not, here are some ways to overcome it.

Identify the Triggers

Firstly you should sit down, take a deep breath and figure out how your anxiety reaction is set off. The goal should be to thoroughly understand and manage the triggers as knowing what triggers you off is the first step in making it easier to turn it off.

Step onto the plane well equipped with knowledge

knowledge about flight
The biggest obstacle in overcoming your fears and anxieties if lack of knowledge. The all dreaded ‘what if’ scenarios that wreak havoc in your head. What if that happens, or this. The best way to get rid of these annoying thoughts is to replace them with facts. So read up on your questions beforehand or ask someone more knowledgeable about planes. For example if you fear the engine failing, ask a certified person what are the chances of it, why doesn’t it fail. Facts are facts and what ifs do not matter then.

Be aware that sometimes common sense doesn’t make any sense

Firstly, anxiety tricks common sense and you’re made to believe stuff that you wouldn’t normally. It’ll trick your brain into thinking that you might be in danger when you are perfectly safe. Your gut feelings in these instances will always tell you to avoid, but if you follow these feelings, you will always be reinforcing your anxiety.

Secondly there are ways you can outsmart your anxiety. It’s advisable to plow on and do the exact opposite of what your anxiety is telling you to do. Anxiety thrives on uncertainty and overcoming – little obstacles will make you feel much more confident.

Talk with your fellow passengers

Talk with your fellow passengers
The best way to forget about anxiety is not to dwell on it and for this talking is the method best. You’ll be engaged with another person, time will fly quicker and your brain will not think about stuff that triggers you. Talk about things you like, and sometimes about your anxiety, people can help overcome it. Since sometimes all you need is a little assurance from another person to overcome that fear of flying.

Take one step at a time, follow these tips and slowly but steadily you’ll conquer your fear of flying.

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