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The First Aid Kit and Travel

Date 14 Jul 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

First aid traveler

There are some things which you pray you never need to use but still you’re glad that you have them nearby just in case. A First Aid Kit is one of them; it would be a travesty if you fell ill during your holiday or got yourself injured but in the sad event that you did, a first aid kit can help you prevent further complications. The trick is how to pack an efficient kit and not overdo it. You don’t need a kit of which a paramedic would be proud of. Here is what to include in your own little kit of healing.


These are essential to your kit. The most common type of injury during hiking or trekking are minor cuts and scrapes. If you plan to do a lot of trekking, it might be a good idea to take some blister plasters as well – just don’t overstock them, take some of each. You can always get them at a local pharmacy if you run out.


Again, this is an absolute must have in your kit. It can be used for several things such as applying pressure to a wound, soaking up blood, cleaning up a wound or forming a dressing for medium sized wounds. A clean wound together with a layer of gauze held in place with a bandage is often the first step in treating a small injury and this gives enough time to take the patient to a professional. Put individually wrapped (sterile) squares of gauze instead of the whole roll, this avoid the hassle of cutting it first when you need it.

Surgical Tape

For affixing the gauze or bandage.

Elastic Bandage

First Aid Kit
These come in handy when you want to treat something bigger than a regular cut. These are useful for keeping dressings clean and fixed until they can get professional medical attention. As they are little more than a temporary fix – until the person can be taken to a medical center – (and is something you’re going to use in an emergency) so you won’t be needing many of them. Take a couple at most.

Small Scissors

Available in any commercially made First Aid Kit, they are very useful for trimming the bandages, tapes or gauze you need to the right size.

Antiseptic Wipes

These wipes can be very useful for cleaning a wound before dressing it. The last thing anyone wants is to get a wound or cut infected, these wipes avoid that easily. As with most common stuff they are easy to replace at a local pharmacy.


Regular meds like painkillers are also a must. Also be sure to take Loperamide tablets, antihistamine cream (for rashes or insect bites) and anti-bacterial cream.
Take all these medicines in their original packaging and get them checked with your GP in case you have a medical condition which may interfere with you using them.


These can be used to pull out splinters, bits of dirt and rock when cleaning a wound and other many practical uses. Hence they should be packed with the kit at all times.

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