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Your First Time European Experience: Europe Travel Tips

Date 22 Jul 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

Europe Travel

You’re ready for your first holiday trip to Europe. You have read all about it and heard so much about this great continent that you imagine you know most things that are to know about this place. You expect overpriced restaurants, delicious and expensive foods, haughty French people and much more. While you may encounter these things, there are things that will surprise you. This article gives Europe Travel tips for people visiting this iconic continent for the first time.

A Lot Of Folks Smoke

While it may or may not be common in your homeland, smoking is very common in Europe. A lot of people do it, and every time you venture out into a public space be prepared for your daily intake of passive smoke.

It’s Not All Expensive

You may have heard stories of extremely steep prices for hotels and food, and while this may be true in some areas (which goes for any place in the world) it is not true for the whole continent. Some cities are amazingly cheap particularly those in the south of Spain, Portugal and even Berlin. Places like Paris and Amsterdam however are not pocket friendly.

Sometimes It’s Extremely Hot.

Europe Travel Tips
While you may have been captivated by snowcapped peaks and have heard about pleasant temperatures throughout the year, this is not entirely accurate. Some parts especially Spain and Italy can grow uncomfortably hot in mid-summer. So be prepared if you plan to visit these areas.

The Food is good, but not always.

Europe may be littered with Michelin starred restaurant but it is also full of less desirable places to eat. Hence don’t expect to walk into every other restaurant expecting a wonderful gourmet meal. It’s best to ask the locals for a good place to eat.

Crime Is Less Frequent Than You Think

You may have heard about pickpockets and hooligans running rampant on the streets thieving on innocent tourists. This is not the case, and crime is not that rampant on the streets of Western Europe. If you follow certain precautions such as properly zipping up your bag and not keeping your wallet in the back pocket, you can be safe from thieving hands.

Trains Aren’t As Cheap As You Would Think

Trains aren’t as cheap
It may be commonplace in Europe to travel by train but if you think intercity trains are cheap, then you are greatly mistaken. If you do not book a ticket online in advance or use a rail discount card be prepared to fork out a lot of cash for the train ticket.
So before you go on your grand trip to Europe, take a little while to look at the destinations you will be going to, some popular tourist spots allow pre-bookings so you can avoid long lines. We have these Europe Travel Tips will help you.

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