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Five Most Dangerous Tourist Attractions In The World – Part 1

Date 30 Apr 2015 | Posted by Anum Sharf

Dangerous Tourist Attractions

Our world is home to people with different mindsets. The idea of a perfect vacation for every person is different. For some, spending time on a relaxing beach is the perfect vacation, while some look for art and historical buildings to admire, whereas for some jumping from a helicopter into an active volcano is the absolute perfect idea of a vacation. Seriously, I wouldn’t do that, but in Chile it’s a real thing!

Such daring attractions in reality exist on our planet and every year thousands of tourists visit these places. But the sad part is that sometimes tourists become a little reckless and this attitude of theirs results in fatal casualties. Here is a list of the top most dangerous tourist attractions in the world.

Here Comes The Bulls – Pamplona Running The Bulls

Here Comes The Bulls
This is a dangerous tradition in Pamplona, but every year this event is held in which the bulls are released on the streets and the streets of Pamplona are full of people, mostly tourists who are visiting this event. After the bulls are released, people then try to outrun the bulls. Thousands of people get injured every year in this event and a few deaths have also been reported since the tradition started.

All Those Flowers Don’t Smell Good – Northumberland, Ainwick Garden

Northumberland Ainwick Garden
This garden is not about beautiful colored flowers with fascinating scents. In reality, this garden is home to more than 100 species of poisonous plants and is also known as the “Poison Garden”. Tourists are unable to make any physical contact with the plants but the fumes from the plants are so toxic that it makes the tourists faint or even pass out. Weird places people like to visit, right?

See The Lava Boiling – Hawaii, Volcano Helicopter Tour

See The Lava Boiling
Okay, this one really scared me. Who in the world would want to bungee jump into active volcanoes? Scary! Well, there are people out there who do it but not me certainly. Hawaii is home to three active volcanoes. No wonder, it is always hot there. Small lava explosions in Hawaii can range till a cubic mile, so the idea of helicopter tour over the volcano is not a good idea, but people do it. Over more than 30 people have died in this activity since 1995 and there are number of recent death reports as well.

Did Anyone Say “Sharks”? –Florida, New Smyrna Beach

Florida New Smyrna Beach
A sunny beach in Florida surely will attract many tourists, right? But this beach not only attracts tourists, it also attracts sharks too. Every per mile of the beach you will find sharks and over the past 30 years, there have been more than 200 shark attacks out of which 50 have been fatal.

Walk In The Air – China, Hua Shan Plank Walk

Walk In The Air
How does the idea of walking on a wooden plank 4000 feet above the ground feels? It’s pretty scary for me and I’m sure it’s equally scary for you. But people, who love to challenge their own self, do activities like these. Hua Shan is not the tallest mountain of China but it definitely is the most dangerous one. The mountain has a famous wooden plank path made and several tourists visit every year to cross it. Crossing this path is all about focus, if you lose it then you will certainly be heading towards your death.

I’m sure you find this article interesting but the list of top most dangerous attractions doesn’t end here; we will soon be posting the second part of this article with other dangerous attractions.

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