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Five Most Dangerous Tourist Attractions In The World – Part 2

Date 4 May 2015 | Posted by Anum Sharf

dangerous tourist attractions

In the first part of this article, I told you that the idea of a perfect vacation is different for every person. Adventure travelers mainly like to explore attractions which are challenging and risky. I told you about the bull releasing tradition in Pamplona, the poisonous Ainwick garden in Northumberland, volcano helicopter tour in Hawaii and other dangerous attractions in the previous article. In this part, I have collected five more destinations that are considered the most dangerous tourist attractions in the world.

Natural Beauty Can Be Deadly – Bish Bash Falls, Massachusetts

dangerous tourist attractions
Many tourists visit these beautiful falls to take epic pictures. However, the peace and serenity of this place can be disturbed from time to time because here many cliff jumpers have been injured and have even lost their lives as the pools of the falls are shallower than expected. A number of cases have been reported in which the ledges of the cliffs have crumbled away causing people to fall.

Did Someone Said “Snake Island” – Ilha da Queimada Grande, Sao Paulo

Snake Island
This island is located off the coast of Sao Paulo and is commonly known as the “snake island”. The island is home to thousands of golden lance head viper snakes – which are one of the most dangerous and venomous snakes in the world. For every square meter you walk on this island, you will find approximately five to six snakes.So watch your step.

Crocs, Crocs And Crocs – Cage Of Death, Darwin

Crocs And Crocs
Tourists who visit the Crocosaurus Cove theme park can come in physical contact with deadly 16 foot and 800 pounds crocodiles. Visitors can climb into a 9 foot high container which is transparent and then they are plunged into the crocodile infested pool. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t crack.

I’m Flying – Princes Juliana International Airport, Darwin

I’m Flying
This airport is located right next to a beach and the departing planes take off; right on top of the beach’s fence that separates it from the airport. Many tourists and daring visitors at the beach, hold to the fence when a plane is taking off. When a plane flies over them, it causes them to fling off the fence that can even cause fatal injuries.

Too Much Heat – Danakil Desert, Eritrea

Too Much Heat
Trekking along a desert is a popular activity among tourists and adventure travelers. But trekking in a desert, where the temperature can rise as high as 50°C is extremely dangerous. Danakil desert in Eritrea is the most dangerous and cruelest desert in the world. It is located in a basin which is 100m below from sea level and the temperature can rise till 50°C and above. This desert has caused many deaths due to its aggressive temperature.

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