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Five Of The Top Rated Tourist Attractions In Marrakech

Date 22 Mar 2018 | Posted by Linda Paul


Marrakech is Morocco’s jewel because it offers everything from great tourist attractions, shopping, and food. The name of the city was inspired by the country itself, which only highlights the town’s importance through the ages. The city is like most of the country is hot, filled with intensely bright colors, and to the top, it all of it’s a blend of the ancient and new. Below we’re listing the best tourist attractions in Marrakech.

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1. Medina Souks

This could very well be one of the sighting seeing highlights of your trip. Madina Souks is a maze is the older part of the city and a star attraction for many visitors. There are narrow alleyways which are vivid and full of scents and sound of the ancient and the new. Within the labyrinth of bright alleyways, there are tons of shopping opportunities where you can put your barter hat on and haggle away. Some of the shops worth checking out are Babouche Souk, Chouari Souk, El-Attarine Souk and the Cherratine Souk.

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2. Djemaa El Fna

This is situated at the entry to Medina and is the heart of Marrakech life. The Djemaa El Fna literally means assembly place of the nobodies, and you can find a huge cluster of bric-a-brac stalls, snake charmers, storytellers, musicians and fortune tellers. This is where you can breathe in the magic, mystery, and charm of Moroccan life. It’s also a stone throw away from all the many surroundings rooftop cafes and restaurants where you can get a bird’s eye view of all the craziness.

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3. Koutoubia Mosque

The beauty and splendor of the mosque have made it one of the most famous landmarks of the country. It has a striking 70-meter tall minaret which can be seen for miles from every direction. There is a local legend that the muezzin (the man who calls Muslim’s to prayer) for this particular mosque had to be blind because the minaret is so tall it once looked the king’s harem. The stunning mosque was contrasted in 1162 and is one of the biggest achievements of Almohad architecture. Sadly, non-Muslims are not allowed inside the mosque.

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4. Medersa Ben Youssef

Saadians built this theological college back in 1565 and it is the largest one in the country. Around 900 students used to study in the many rooms that are scattered around a beautiful internal courtyard. The highlight of the college, however, is the main internal courtyard.

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5. Saadian Tombs

66 members of the Saadian dynasty are buried in this 16th-century burial ground. The house of Saadian ruled over Marrakech between 1524 and 1668. Some of the prominent rulers of the dynasty that are buried here are the ruler Al-Mansour, his heirs, and their immediate family members. Like most architecture in the country, the mausoleum is beautifully decorated and artfully designed. As rulers of the past rest in eternal slumber, the flow of never-ending tourists shows that life goes on. These particular tombs were walled up by their Alawite successors and were then rediscovered in the 20th century.

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