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Five Valentine’s Day Weekend Getaway Ideas Your Partner Will Love

Date 8 Feb 2017 | Posted by Linda Paul


The day of love, aka Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Even though this year it doesn’t fall on a weekend you can gift your Valentine the perfect romantic getaway. You now have the opportunity to make it in to a weekend of celebrating your love for one another. If you’re wondering where to go and what to do, we’re here to make your romantic getaway easier for you.

1. The City Trip

You know what a classic city trip entails. You leave on a Friday, and stay in a posh hotel for the weekend. The days are spent exploring the city together. Sightseeing always inspires good conversation and opportunity for romantic pictures. You can also shop for Valentine’s Day presents together. By the day end of the day you’re tired enough to cuddle up together and have a romantic night. The plus side is you don’t have to worry about cleaning up or doing the laundry the next day.


2. Weekend In The Country Side

A weekend away at the country side is the perfect romantic antidote to a busy life style. You can have lazy morning, or take a stroll through the picturesque surroundings. Your weekend will be open to just spending time with your loved one. You can find a quint place to eat or you can try the local bar. It’s a weekend of lazy romance that you won’t forget.


3. The Splurge

A number of hotels offer gastronomical offers during the month of February. Most of these hotels are located centrally in the city or on the outskirts where there is more nature. The idea behind this concept is that you go on a walk during the day to build up your appetite. Later, you get to tuck in to a five course meal, which is followed by coffee and a night cap. After your meal, you head back in to your room where it’ll just be the two of you. You never know your partner might need a good massage after such an active day of tucking in. This is a must for all the foodies out there.

4. Adventurous Weekend

For the outdoorsy couples a weekend adventure is the perfect way to spice up your love life. You can go hiking in the early hours of the morning and watch the sun rise together. Rafting or fishing will be an ideal way to end the day. At night you can cuddle up and stay warm by the fire in your wooden cottage.

5. Weekend In The Snow

Even though it is February there are a lot of places in the Northern Hemisphere that are packed with snow. You know what this means! Skiing! Why not glide down the slopes together? This might the chance to challenge your partner to try something more daring. If you’re not in to skiing, there is always snowboarding and sledding. You can also take a romantic picture of the two of you making snow angles.

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