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Flight Booking Hacks That Can Help You Book Cheap Flights To Chicago

Date 18 Apr 2018 | Posted by Linda Paul


A few years ago self-proclaimed ‘travel experts’ used to save money by traveling on a Tuesday rather than flying out on a weekend. They would also switch to smaller airports to save money on their airline ticket. However, times have changed, and with that, the airline pricing models have also been modified. We’ve done some research in the last few months, and discovered some surprising hacks that will help you book cheap flights to Chicago, or anywhere else in the world.

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1. Crazy Manic Mondays

Some travelers are known to research holiday plans during the week (especially when they’re at the office), and then discuss their plans with their respective travel companions. After the initial discussion, most couples and groups of friends book their flights on a Saturday. Our research has shown that airline prices are fluid throughout the week, and on the weekends they tend to rise up to 10%, which is a lot. One thing you need to keep in mind is those airlines keep their pricing models top secret, so there’s no set rule about when is the perfect time to take out your plastic. So, don’t book your flight on a Saturday if you want to book a cheap flight to Chicago.

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2. Lucky Friday

Everyone dreams of Friday, right? Well, Friday just warmed up our hearts even more because it threw the ‘fly midweek’ myth right out of the ballpark. According to our research the data shows that Friday is the cheapest day to fly in the UK, and some parts of the United States. On the other end of the spectrum the most expensive days to fly are Saturday and Sunday. Those who fly out on a Friday instead of a Sunday see an average savings of a mind boggling 18%. On more expensive flights, this could very easily pay for an extra night in a hotel.

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3. Bigger Is Sometimes Better

When picking cheap flights to Chicago be sure to check prices for both smaller and bigger airports. There is a misconception that smaller airport will also have the cheaper fare, but that is not always the case. We’ve found families taking international flights from larger airports and still saving hundreds of dollars. A forewarning though, this is not always the case so before to check prices for different airports before you take the plunge and book your flight.

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4. Don’t Be Scared To Mix It Up

The days of booking return flight with the same airline are long gone. Travel enthusiasts can set up price alerts or sign up to newsletters of different airlines. Book the flights that suits your budget, and it doesn’t even matter if your departure and return don’t have the same airline. Being flexible with your airline choice will help you save money in the long run. You can also opt for a budget carrier on departure and book a return on a legacy carrier.

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