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Tips: What to Do if Your Flight is Delayed or Cancelled

Date 17 Oct 2014 | Posted by Linda Paul

An International traveller often wonders what if his or her flight is delayed or cancelled, what problems he or she would be facing, in such circumstances. The passenger is facing an unexpected crisis, even though the trip is planned. International flights are seldom delayed or in the worst case cancelled. But when this happens leaves the poor passengers in a lurch. Flight delay is a technical mis-management from the side of the Airlines concerned. But weather conditions also play a major role, and man can’t fight with nature.

official work
Suppose an Executive or CEO, is flying to some destination, and finds out that his flight is delayed or cancelled, that is a disturbing and alarming thing. Now, here there are two instances. One is that his or her flight is delayed for a few hours. If that being the case, there are no worries, because the traveller can then wait for the next concerned flight, on the airport. Some airports have motels, and the passenger can check-in, if the hours are intolerable or the duration of the wait is too long. The very busy person can even do a little of his official work, which requires a little time use time efficiently. He may even make a few important business or official phone calls, while sitting in the lounge of the airport. Letting people know of his altered flight timing is important. The other possibility is that the flight is cancelled. In that case, the issue is serious and the traveller should immediately think of the next thing to do. That again, depends where he is at the moment.

If he or she is at their home-station then there is ease of returning back to their home. But this luxury cannot be afforded when a person is at a remote location or airport far from home. For example, the person half-way between travel is supposed to change flights or take connecting flights and is stranded on an airport. Then, he should make sure whether he is facing a flight delay or cancellation. In case of the flight being cancelled, the person should inquire when the next flight would be scheduled. If he is able to catch another flight, in a few hours then it is agreeable. Sometimes weather plays a very unfriendly and uncooperative role in travel and thus due to this flights are cancelled for many days. This is rare, but in travel it happens. Having such a problem, the traveller should think of alternate options or other flight routes. If the conditions are not favourable then the traveller should immediately turn back and return.

flight alerts
Another way of avoiding flight delay or cancellation is to anticipate weather conditions. If there is prior knowledge of the flight path and its’ weather conditions, then the passenger can change his plans. He can get a seat on the next flight, and also at the same price, if he lets the authorities know about his plans. Nowadays, the flight alerts are a utility to be used. They should be followed and kept track of. They inform you if there is a problem with the flight.

The impact of flight delays and cancellations is much, but it can be minimized by careful planning and following proper procedure.

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