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Four Budget Friendly Vacation Ideas

Date 29 Aug 2017 | Posted by Linda Paul

budget friendly vacation ideas

I know a lot of my friends (and readers) dream about traveling the world. What holds them back is taking time off work and the funds needed for the big vacation. They claim it is not always feasible even when they have the best intentions. Real life gets in the way.

We often talk about traveling around the world for a long haul, and round the world trips. I admit these big ideas are not always realistic as they seem. Traveling isn’t supposed to be hard, but at the same time it’s not easy for everyone either. There are so many ways that you can travel the world, and in order to do those things you don’t need to take a lot of time off work or spend a lot of money. Read on and you might be surprised how some of the four budget friendly vacation ideas below might change your life.

1. Look At Your City (or Town) Through A Tourists Eyes

Tourists Eyes
Have you ever visited the tourist sites in your home town? Most of us only visit such sites when we have guest over and showing them around. We rarely ever make an effort to go out and explore our hometown from a different perspective. I personally know friends who live in New York who have never visited the Statue of Liberty, and have never walked the Freedom Trail. So if you’re short on either cash or time just become a local tourist. Book a nice room at a nearby hotel; make a list of places that are tourist magnets and visit as many as you can. If you go to your local tourism office you can easily get a city tourism pass. It’ll give you access to a wide range of local attractions for almost half the price.

2. Travel Regionally

Travel Regionally
You don’t need to travel to far off places in order satisfy your wanderlust. You can easily go on a road trip around your country and pick the places for overnight. You’ll be surprised how much your country offers and you’ll learn to fall in love with it all over again. Do a bit of research online or head to your local bookstore and get a guide.

3. Head To National Parks

National Parks
For those who are looking for cheap options should think about heading to a National Park for a week, for a life changing experience. Camping fees specifically in the US are as cheap as $15 per night, in Australia they’re for $30-60, Canadians get charged around $14-50 and $17-22 in New Zealand. In a lot of European countries camping is usually free. All you need to invest in is some camping gear and food. If camping isn’t your thing, enjoy the National Park experience by renting a room at a lodge. There will be access to a bathroom, food and even WIFI.

4. Book A Cruise

Book A Cruise
A lot of the time cruises are very expensive, but it’s a different story for those who book tickets a week (or a couple of days) before departure. This is when cruise companies roll out the big discounts and amazing deals. If you fancy a cruise (and no, not Tom Cruise), book your ticket at the last minute and get up to 50% off.

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