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From Venice to Rome: A Tale of Terrific Ten Days in Italy

Date 18 Aug 2016 | Posted by Linda Paul

Days in Italy

Long before I actually traveled to Italy, there was so much about it that fascinated me. From Venice to Rome, Italy always seemed full of amazements; grandeur in architecture, diversity in its cities and standing out in its cuisine. Every reason compelled me towards planning a trip to the country. But it was never easy to get that master plan sorted. There’s so much to explore in the country, and it barely seemed possible in a single trip. The struggle was real!

For first time travelers, it is important to know that Italy can be a very expensive destination to travel to. Fareoair’s cheap flights to Italy helped me make significant savings but it’s also a must to book the earliest you can. 10 days in Italy came up to be a real challenge for us, and as a tourist you must do justice to the time you spend in the country. Here’s how I explored the best of Italy in 10 days; from Venice to Rome!

1. Venice


Can there possibly be a trip to Italy without making your way to Venice? I don’t approve of it! Let me reveal you some things about Venice you need to know. A lot of people end up in disappointment and claim the Floating City of Canals is merely overrated. Even if you’d like to go with the idea, exploring it on your first trip to Italy is still an absolute must.

The three days I spent in Venice were amazing in every bit. The best part about it? Simply wandering in the streets of Venice! The city has a feel and exploring it on foot would connect you far better to the locals and the structures. Even if you don’t carry a map with you, Venice is one of those spectacular destinations where every street would lead you to an interesting discovery. It’s worth it!

One of my most favorite churches in Europe lies in Venice itself. St. Mark’s Basilica has an impressive exterior and the mosaics indoors will leave you awestruck for a couple of minutes.

Probably one of the busiest tourist spots in the city is St. Mark’s Square. Since I had done my research well, I made my way there in the earliest hours of the morning to beat the crowds and take photographs without a million tourists around.

The Grand Canal Tour was another great way to explore what the city has to offer. You might be put off with the admission fee, but the Doge’s Palace is a must visit attraction. I was thrilled to walk over the Bridge of Sighs.

The three nights I spent in Venice, I thoroughly enjoyed the traditional Venetian dinners. Luckily enough, I was also able to squeeze in a trip to the Burano Island. The cheerful structures added life to my trip to Venice.

Venice is a city that is dear to me. As a first time traveler, I would suggest giving it time and being patient. To see the best of it, you might have to get up at awkward timings. It’s best to avoid tourist traps and head out to explore Venice like a mindful traveler!

2. Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre

Day four and five of my trip were dedicated to this beauty of Italy. What compelled me to make my way there? The Instagram photos! They always seemed so inviting, so captivating. The sea-side villages that are centuries old are picture perfect. Although you’ll come across plenty of scenic sights in Italy, if you really wish to enjoy the tranquility of laid back days, Cinque Terre is the perfect destination for you.

Although I found hiking to be an attractive part of my holiday in Cinque Terre, you don’t have to indulge into it if you aren’t up for it. I would suggest you to get hold of the One-Day Multi Service Card that will get you to walk or take a train between the towns. The five villages can’t be compared because each is unique in its own way. It’s highly recommended to explore it all on your trip to Cinque Terre. Don’t miss out on treating yourself out to lavish dinners while you’re there!

3. Florence


If I have to list down my favorite European cities, it would be a very tough challenge. However, Florence is sure to be part of that list. There’s something wondrous about its architecture and I felt I could have stayed longer than just two days.

Want to stay happy in Florence? The Western World offers plenty of amazing museums. To take a look at the best of these, make your way to the Galleria degli Uffizi. Reserving my ticket ahead of time was an awesome idea because the waiting hours can drive you crazy otherwise. The museum hosts paintings of famous artists such as da Vinci and Michelangelo.

The beautiful Piazza della Signoria is an admirable attraction and one of the best places to get an essence of Florence. Just find yourself a corner at the steps of Loggia and get absorbed in the beauty of this square.

San Lorenzo’s Market is another spot you need to hit on your trip to Florence. These food markets are one of a kind. From sights to the smell, everything about it is so inviting. You’ll get to taste the freshest products in these markets.

Florence’s Duomo is surely one of the most amazing experiences I had in the city. I wish I had prepared myself better for the 463 steps I took. However, the view from the top was totally worth the exercise!

My love for photography took me to Ponte Vecchio, one of the most picturesque bridges in the world. I was also lucky to have experienced the sunset from Pizzale Michelangelo. Its panoramic views are truly a treat to the eyes.

While you’re in Florence, don’t forget to explore the stunning Oltrarno that has it all in one place; amazing architecture, inspiring museums and fascinating museums. Let’s not miss out the picturesque parks and lively cafes!

4. Rome


My trip from Venice to Rome concluded with one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. It seemed unbelievable that those 8 days had flown by in the blink of an eye. What added to my anxiety was to make best of this last leg of the journey and do justice to the very famous Rome.

Not surprisingly, I started my trip to Rome with the majestic Colosseum.  Smart planning does save you from plenty of troubles. I got my ticket at the Roman Forum where I was able to get a combination ticket for two days. The waiting hours at the Colosseum can make you pull your hair out; it’s crazy!

You’ll come across queues everywhere in Rome, especially during the tourist season. I booked my tickets online for the Sistine Chapel and Vatican and I would highly suggest you to do the same. A free trip to Saint Peter’s Basilica is totally worth it. However, don’t forget to spend a little extra for the lift that takes you all the way up to the dome. The magical views from the top are too good to come true.

If Rome’s history fascinates you a great deal, the Palantine Hill is the perfect place to explore. This is where the Roman Empire grew for a long time. The buzzing of the Forum is also a great experience to add to your itinerary.

Are we missing out on something? Of course, the pizza and gelato!

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