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How To Get The Best Hotel Deals?

Date 23 Apr 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

Hotel Deals

After years of traveling and considering myself a travel guru, I have learnt a couple of things regarding getting a good deal on a hotel room. Here are some tricks and tips I have been using previously to catch good deals for accommodation. If you follow these tips, I’m sure you can also find the best hotel deals.

Check The Deal Sites Daily

Deal Sites Daily
Nowadays, there are so many travel websites through which you can find good deals on accommodation but the issue is that you need to book them quickly as these deals sell out really quickly. We suggest that if you want to find good deals for accommodation and air tickets, always check out websites namely LivingSocial, FareoAir or Groupon.

Timings Are Essential

Timing Is Essential
One of the best ways for catching a good deal on a hotel room is by traveling during off-season. During summer break and school holidays, many hotels offer deals but those deals are not good enough because the prices are still out of budget and are usually high. We highly recommend that if you want to book a trip then do it in the off-season which is the spring and autumn season.

Search For good Packages

Search For Packages
Sometimes it’s good to book your flight and accommodation in a single package deal rather than buying two separate deals: one for hotel and one for air tickets. Check out our deals page or Expedia and Last-minute for good packages and compare the deals separately, then pick the one that fits your budget.

Being Flexible Is Good For You

Being Flexible Is Good
Being flexible is a good idea because it provides you benefit of finding a good deal. Traveling in the 3rd or 4th week of July can cut your accommodation expenses to half as compared to traveling in the 2nd week because of fewer visitors. Do your research and find out the best time for traveling.

Match the Hotel Prices

Match Hotel Prices
There are some really good websites out there that will help you by doing all the work for you in catching a good deal. All you need to do is enter the city name you are visiting and your travel itineraries and the website will search out all the hotels in that city with their locations, star rating and pricing.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs
If you are fond of booking a particular hotel and it has chains of hotels all around the globe, then you should really check out their loyalty program. I like to stay in Hilton hotel and for quite a time I have been a member of their loyalty program. As you gain more and more points you get classy benefits like free internet, free breakfast and sassy room upgrades. Members of loyalty programs also get discounts and at times get free holiday stays too.

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